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Imagine a better tomorrow


When it comes to the environment, we are taking actions to shape a better tomorrow, together.
We’re taking steps towards sustainability by developing more vehicles that use clean energy. And we’re committed to making our value chain carbon neutral and circular.

Super-charging our sustainability journey

The bZ4X is our first ever 100% All-Electric vehicle and is a statement of our commitment to a further electrified fleet, and being carbon neutral by 2050. Let’s get excited about our electric future and all the possibilities it creates.

Matt Watson - Fisherman.

Matt Watson knows the importance of a healthy and abundant ocean – that's where his passion for sustainability comes from. For Matt, fishing is about connecting with your environment in a way that nourishes your belly, and your soul.

That's why he started Free Fish Heads, an app that donates fish offcuts. Through this service Matt has saved hundreds of tonnes of fish waste from being discarded, and helped to bring Kiwi’s together. Respect for our waters starts with conserving what we have, and reducing waste.


“If we can understand what we've got, and we can protect it and we can make it better, well then we really are going places.”

Sustainability. See how we’re tracking.

We’re continuing our journey towards a carbon-neutral 2050. This starts with our commitment to 46% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. Take a look at our latest Sustainability Report to discover how far we’ve come, and the road ahead.

Oh hello, hydrogen.

It's one of the most abundant elements in the universe. The Toyota Mirai runs its electric motor by combining hydrogen with oxygen, leaving nothing but water in its wake. This incredible feat in technology is the key to a more sustainable tomorrow. So the future of clean energy was all around us, all along.



Behind Emirates Team New Zealand

We’ve been helping drive Emirates Team New Zealand for more than 30 years through an innovative partnership with technology at its heart. Recently, we supplied NZ’s winning team with the hydrogen fuel cell technology that powers their chase boat. Imagine the exciting places this incredible technology could take us.


Latest in Sustainability


Hydrogen. Here’s the facts.

  1. Hydrogen is safe The science behind this is simple. Hydrogen is a gas that is lighter than air. This means if it’s accidentally released, it quickly rises and dissipates. So it wouldn’t contaminate the environment or pose a risk to humans if...


Smart ideas to spend less on fuel

  1. Plan your journey Use maps or sat-nav to avoid traffic black spots, busy times and to avoid getting lost or driving further than you need to. The Covid-19 pandemic forced many people and companies to work smarter, not just by working from hom...


Hydrogen science overtakes science fiction

  Published in 1874, Jules Verne’s science fiction novel, The Mysterious Island, tells of five prisoners-of-war who escape in a hydrogen-filled balloon. They crash on an island where fuel is scarce. In the book, Verne imagines a world where “water...


Let's Go Places



We’re committed to creating a future of mobility for all, in ways we can only imagine today.



Discover our path to a place where community means more than just living in the same area.


About Us

We’re on a journey to better. Every day provides a new opportunity to move New Zealand forward.