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Vehicles are becoming smarter and safer. Digital advances will make car sharing easier. New ways to own cars will revolutionise how we get around, but technology takes mobility beyond just vehicles. We're committed to creating a future of mobility for everyone.

Let’s go somewhere safer, New Zealand.

Toyota is on a journey. We're aiming to make road users safer with the help of our leading safety technology – Toyota Safety Sense. It's a smart package of active safety systems designed to help keep you out of harm's way. We're working towards making it standard on all our vehicles to make driving safer for everyone.


We've also put together a series of tips to help keep you safe and sound, whether you're buying or driving. It's all part of our drive to protect Kiwis.

Cam Calkoen - Inspirational Speaker.

Cam was born with Cerebral Palsy, a physical disability which impacts personal mobility and speech. From a young age his parents taught him to focus on what he can accomplish, not what he can't. This determination is what led him to become a full-time athlete and go on to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. And he’s become one of Aotearoa’s most celebrated inspirational speakers on the global stage.


Cam has also raised over $4 million dollars to build the YES Disability Resource Centre, where he’s hugely passionate about I.Drive - a service designed to help disabled people drive, gain independence, and build their dreams.


“When you have a sense of mobility, that sense of freedom, it builds the foundation for some pretty awesome dreams. And when you connect a vision with your passion, we really start to go places.”

Moving everyone ahead, sustainably.

With 1 in 4 cars on New Zealand roads being a Toyota, it's our goal to help drivers transition to vehicles with lower emissions. Like our partnership with the Waka Aronui community initiative, helping families in South Auckland stay mobile with hybrid electric Toyota Corolla wagons. Learn more about our focus on mobility, in our 2023 Sustainability Report.

Toyota Safety Sense. Explained by Dr Michelle Dickinson.

Meet Concept I — our futuristic self-driving car that learns to know you. Michelle takes it for a virtual spin to find out how we’re using Artificial Intelligence to make driving safer and more intuitive.


Using innovative eye-tracking tech, you can control music and media without taking your eyes off the road. While Concept I’s clever AI suggests restaurants it's learned you'll like en-route.


Get a human-like tap on the shoulder to warn you about potential hazards, instead of buzzers or alarms. And see just how fast Toyota Safety Sense can react to help prevent a collision. The future of driving looks super safe. And seriously fun.


Mobility meets accessibility and affordability

Imagine a tomorrow where everyone can access a car. Waka Aronui is a forward-thinking community partnership that leases hybrid-electric Corolla wagons to South Auckland based Kiwi families. Which means fewer emissions and trips to the petrol station. Because we’re committed to mobility for all. While helping communities thrive along the way.


Moving beyond vehicles

The future of mobility has arrived. Our Human Support Robot is helping people live more independently. It moves autonomously, works tirelessly, and can carry out a variety of voice and tablet commands. This innovative technology is giving humans a helping hand and a better life. And we’re only just getting started.


Powering the Paralympics

Movement means freedom. Our long-standing partnership with Paralympics New Zealand shows our commitment to mobility on a national and global scale. We’re proud to be part of something so incredibly inspiring. Because we’re taking steps to make the future more mobile for everyone and prove anything is possible.


Wheels when you want them

Cityhop gives you all the benefits of owning a Toyota. Without the responsibility of registration, WOFs or insurance. You can just sign up, book and go. Car sharing schemes let more people drive, and ensure the best possible utilisation of vehicles so there is minimal waste. This type of ownership model is sustainable, affordable, and integral to a more mobile future.


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