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Our journey


Toyota was built on the Japanese principle of Kaizen, which means continual improvement. Every day provides a new opportunity to move New Zealand forward.

Mobility, sustainability and community are our focuses to get to a better Aotearoa for all. Life is a journey, and we want everyone to enjoy their ride. Let’s Go Places.

To a sustainable future

Our vision of tomorrow is sustainable. Because there's nothing more important than our beautiful country we're lucky enough to call home. We’re working on making low-emission vehicles accessible and affordable for all. And we’re continuing to innovate mobility technology to run on clean energy - from Electricity to Hydrogen and beyond. So let’s shape a better tomorrow, together.

To future mobility

We’re committed to creating a future where no one is left behind. A place where vehicles are smarter and safer than ever before. Where everyone has access to mobility solutions to suit their needs. From cars to car sharing schemes, micro mobility to human support robots, we’re taking big steps towards a mobility future for all.

To caring communities

Imagine a tomorrow where community means more than just living in the same place. We're involved in initiatives that benefit our communities to help New Zealand shine. From local Toyota Stores to large-scale partnerships. Because when we come together, the future looks bright.

2023 Sustainability Report

Our 2023 Sustainability Report has arrived and we’re continuing to push towards a carbon neutral future by 2050, including reducing the emissions from vehicles we sell in New Zealand. We’re dedicated to a 46% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, with further electrification of our fleet and a commitment to programmes that introduce mobility for all. Take a look at the strides we've made.


It starts from within

We’re committed to having a positive impact on Aotearoa and we know change is best led by action. Every Toyota Store in New Zealand has Toitū enviromark diamond certification and we're proudly a founding member of the Climate Leaders Coalition and Sustainable Business Council, reflecting our long-term commitment to sustainability.


These are our people

Meet the New Zealanders helping us push Aotearoa forward. Our Brand Guardians encapsulate who we are as a company. What we stand for. And where we're going.

These incredible humans are helping us reach a better place by inspiring the nation through their amazing achievements. As well as invaluable work in the areas of community, sustainability and mobility. Let's go to a better tomorrow, together.


The latest from Toyota


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Toyota NZ invites young Kiwis to unleash their imagination

Toyota New Zealand is excited to announce the opening of the 17th annual Dream Car Art Contest, inviting children from across Aotearoa New Zealand to let their creativity soar and envision the future of mobility through art. The Toyota Dream Car A...


Toyota New Zealand drives inclusivity with 'Seeing is Believing' education programme

Toyota New Zealand is proud to announce its support of the new Paralympics New Zealand ‘Seeing is Believing’ school programme, helping shift the dial on perceptions of disability by championing inclusivity in primary schools across Aotearoa New...