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Together we’re Going Places


Our Brand Guardians represent the values we live by at Toyota. Their passion for sustainable initiatives, mobility technology and championing diversity shows through in the actions they take to inspire their communities and to help build a better tomorrow. These are the people that will truly help Aotearoa go places.

Matt Watson

Meet Matt, a fishing enthusiast and environmentalist on a mission to show that these passions go hand in hand.


As an extension of his work with the Kai Ika project, Matt launched the Free Fish Heads App to help connect those looking to dispose of fish offcuts with people looking for a healthy, sustainable meal.


As the host of the iconic ITM Fishing Show, Matt knows the importance of teaching people how to fish sustainably so that we can leave our children with the gift of a healthy and abundant ocean.

Dr Michelle Dickinson

Meet Michelle, an engineer, nanotechnologist and bestselling author committed to empowering young minds and advocating for diversity in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) fields.


As part of her commitment to making STEM subjects more accessible for people of all backgrounds, Michelle helped found Nanogirl Labs. A social enterprise designed to educate using science and technology, Nanogirl Labs empowers young minds to become tomorrow’s thinkers, creators and innovators, shaping our future for the years to come.


Through her work with Global Women, Michelle also continues to help advance gender diversity and leadership opportunities for New Zealand women by creating a more inclusive and equitable environment.

Cam Calkoen

Meet Cam, an awesome New Zealander and social entrepreneur. His journey from being born with Cerebral Palsy, to becoming an athlete and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, has seen him become an inspirational speaker. Cam is passionate about inspiring others to exceed the expectations set for them.


In 2020, he was named ‘Speaker of the Year’ by the National Speakers Association of New Zealand. And he’s raised over $4 million dollars to build the YES Disability Resource Centre, a charity making a profound impact to disabled people, their whānau and community.


Through his ongoing work and in-person connections, he strives to ensure that people are inspired to access the tools they need to build a better future for themselves.

David Liti

When David first moved to New Zealand from Tonga, he sometimes slept at his local weightlifting gym instead of training. And that’s where his incredible story began. David Liti is now a record-breaking Commonwealth Games champion and 2020 Olympian. Representing strength, grit and kindness. His mum always told him - “if you don’t give with your heart, don’t give at all”. And he does. David’s weightlifting gym in South Auckland provides hope to young people by helping them channel energy in a positive way. He also speaks at schools across the country, inspiring Kiwi kids to dream as big as he does.

Dame Lisa Carrington

This incredible flat water canoeist is the nation's most successful Olympian, with five gold medals and one bronze. As a quintessential Kiwi kid, she spent lots of time exploring the great outdoors. Growing up with New Zealand's stunning natural landscapes as her playground. Dame Lisa Carrington represents the future of Aotearoa by shaping tomorrow’s sustainability leaders and protecting our planet. Like us, Lisa is passionate about the outdoors and encouraging young people and their families to enjoy our beautiful country as much as she does.


Olivia McTaggart

After a back injury forced a change of direction from competitive gymnastics to pole vaulting, the rest is history. Olivia experienced a couple of setbacks and injuries on her journey to the Commonwealth Games. But she made it. Representing reliance, goal setting and aiming high. This is evident through Olivia’s involvement in the Sanitarium Weetbix Kids TRYathlon, mentoring young Kiwis who take part in the competition.


Dame Valerie Adams

She’s an iconic shot-putter and one of New Zealand’s most successful athletes ever. A four-time world champion with two Olympic gold medals, one silver and one bronze. Between 2006 and 2012, she was also New Zealand’s Sportswoman of the Year seven times running. But Dame Valerie Adams is more than an athlete. She’s also working with Global Women, helping push women from Aotearoa into positions of power.


Emma Twigg

She’s a New Zealand rowing champion and Olympic gold medalist. After three near misses at the Olympics, she did New Zealand proud and won gold at the Tokyo games. That's why Emma is a Brand Guardian who stands for resilience, determination, big dreams and never giving up. As a rower, she also cares about marine life and protecting our natural environment. Plus, she’s a mum on top of it all too.