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Toyota Hatchback Range

Which Toyota Hatchback is Best for You?

Hatchbacks are a practical option for most people, especially when living in cities with limited parking. These small to medium-sized cars are affordable, reliable, and extremely fuel efficient. But which hatchback is best for you?

Toyota hatchbacks come in many different models, sizes and colours. Do you want a small but reliable car for ease of parking in town? A hybrid hatch for better fuel efficiency? Who will be using it - just you, you and your partner or the whole family? Is safety a high priority?

A Toyota hatchback lets you feel safe behind the wheel, whether you’re ferrying the kids to school or out and about in town; and with Parking Assist, those tight parking spots will be a cinch.

Hatchback Safety & Innovation

Toyota hatchbacks have an excellent reputation for safety and have a 5 star ANCAP rating. Our safety features include a Pre-crash Safety System with Autonomous Emergency Braking, and Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection, Lane Tracing Assist, Traction Control, and Automatic High Beam.

Build Quality

Quality components mean our hatchbacks are more resistant to wear and tear, so your new hatch stays on the road, out of the mechanics. You can rely on your Toyota hatchback to not let you down.

This is why Toyota hatchbacks are famous for holding their value, even as the KMs go up. When it comes time to part ways with your hatch, you know that because Toyota hatchbacks have a reputation for having amazing build quality it means they’re likely to lose less value through depreciation.

Sustainability and Fuel Economy

Toyota is fully behind green motoring and well known for our hybrid technology. We constantly strive to improve our vehicles to make them more sustainable and fuel-efficient. This is not only a plus for the environment but also allows hatchback owners to save money at the pump.

Build Your Own Best Hatchback

Toyota Build Your Own gives you the option to build your own Corolla, Yaris or Prius hatchback within your price range. Customising your driving experience allows you to make a statement about your individuality and style.

Toyota hatchbacks can be purchased with a range of customisation options for colour, interior trim, wheels, interior and exterior features. This lets you keep all your must-have features and forget the rest.

Building your own hatchback is simple, just follow the steps in our Build Your Own tool. Are you ready to create the hatchback of your dreams?