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Congratulations Emirates Team New Zealand.


Our long-standing partnership with Emirates Team New Zealand is all about technology, innovation and making New Zealand proud. Each time the team lifts their sails, the nation’s spirits are lifted along with them. We’re excited to be part of something so captivating and innovative. The incredible team has made it and broken the wind-powered land speed world record on Horonuku.

Extraordinary on land and sea

We’re proud to get behind the world’s leading sailing team by breaking the wind-powered land speed world record on their new craft, with Glenn Ashby piloting the radical land yacht Horonuku to 222.4kph in just 22 knots of wind.

Emirates Team New Zealand continually showcases Kiwi innovation and invention at its finest. New Zealand’s incredible team is made up of world-class designers and thinkers who are willing to chase a dream. And they have done it with all the bravery, ambition and audacity you’d expect from the crew that defended the 2021 America’s Cup.

From sea to salt. What a journey.

The team sailed and took this exciting journey in Australia's famous salt Lake Gairdner. Water has been replaced by land. But a few things remain the same. Sails. Speed. And state-of-the-art technology.


Congratulations Emirates Team New Zealand on your new wind-powered land speed world record.



Putting clean power behind the team

After the successful 2021 America's Cup defence, we worked with Emirates Team New Zealand to develop Chase Zero - the world’s first ever hydrogen-powered foiling chase boat. The 10m long catamaran is powered by two 80kW Toyota hydrogen fuel cells, one in each hull.


With Chase Zero on their tail, the team trained tirelessly, yet efficiently. This joint effort ultimately helped Emirates Team New Zealand take home the America’s Cup. And meet their sustainability goals.

Together since 1992

Starting in 1992, Toyota is Emirates Team New Zealand's longest serving and most consistent sponsor. A mutual love of innovation makes this partnership a perfect pairing. Together, we’ve pushed the boundaries of sailing technology to advance the sport beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. Including our own. From the team’s invention of foiling in 2012 and their cycle powered AC50 Catamaran of 2017 to our Hydrogen powered chase boat in 2020. It’s no wonder the America’s Cup challenge continues to grip the nation.

Kevin Shoebridge on innovation

Emirates Team New Zealand’s Chief Operating Officer talks about the team’s continual need to innovate and forge ahead to keep their winning edge.

Dan Bernasconi on pushing design

Emirates Team New Zealand’s Head of Design talks about innovation and the power of thinking outside the box. And how to balance speed with stability.

Lifting more than spirits

Did you know each foil on the 2020 America’s Cup boat could lift a Toyota Yaris? Discover the technology that makes it all possible.