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Meet the team

Hunter Mitchell

Chief Executive Officer

I’m proud to be a Shareholder of Rutherford & Bond Toyota. Here in Wellington, we have a fantastic team across our three branches, dedicated to our customers. My main objective is to provide an enjoyable purchasing experience whether it be in sales, parts or service.

New Cars

Derek Tilyard

General Manager – Vehicles

I’m proud to represent the trusted Toyota brand. At Rutherford & Bond Toyota, we’re committed to ensuring that every one of our customers, walks away with an exceptional customer experience.
Michael Maitland

New Vehicles Manager

After 11 years in the motor industry, I still love seeing a happy customer driving away in their new car
Anne Reed

New Vehicle Consultant

After 7 years with Rutherford & Bond Wellington I am proud to be part of such a great team. Being involved in new vehicle sales, I have the pleasure every day of seeing excited customers take delivery of their lovely new vehicle. My aim is to ensure a great experience from the moment you walk in to our dealership.
Malcolm McArthur

New Vehicle Consultant

Calder Woodfield

Vehicle Consultant

I am proud to represent the highly esteemed Toyota brand. Having a background in commercial property & customer service related roles – I pride myself on relatability and quality service. I have a consultative approach and endeavour to make it easy for you to find the right car.
Alex Fill Sales
Alex Fill

New Vehicle Consultant

Paul Kelly

New Vehicle Consultant

Rietta John

Stock Control Manager

You will usually find me hidden away in my office. My job is to get all of the new cars prepped and ready to be collected by their new owners! It’s a busy role but I thrive on the challenges each day brings. Family is the biggest drive for me and I want to ensure that each new car which goes out the door is perfect for the new family who purchases. I have been in the vehicle industry for over 20 Years and look forward to many more at Rutherford and Bond.
Shannon Elvy

Customer Relations Consultant

I have been with Rutherford and Bond for just over 6 months, originally from the Hospitality industry I moved to Toyota to grow myself and my career. I am generally the first face you will see when you enter the dealership and its very rare you will find me without a huge smile on my face! On the weekend you will find me wherever the best DJs are or dominating on the netball court.
Jacqui Wierenga

Fleet Support

Used Cars

Julian McMullan

Used Vehicle Manager

Sam Nathan

Used Vehicle Consultant

The most reward I get out of the job is helping customers find exactly what they need and ensuring their new vehicle is right for them. I have been happily selling Toyota vehicles for 5 years and enjoy meeting new people every day.
Tony Jackson

Used Vehicle Consultant

A wealth of experience over 45 years in used car sales.
Chris Honeyman

Used Vehicle Consultant

Being From Scotland originally I bring a vast amount of experience from selling Toyotas internationally. I have been selling Toyotas for 3 years and am excited to bring my knowledge to Wellington. I really enjoy the customer interaction and pride myself on making each customer smile. Please come and say hello.
Codie Meehan

Used Vehicle Consultant

I’m very grateful to be a part of such a successful and trusted company. Here at Rutherford and Bond Toyota I have been trained in three different roles in two different departments, building towards a career in sales that shares my passion in helping to find solutions for others. I love meeting new people every day and having the opportunity to provide excellent services to those in need.


Kyle Lane

Service Manager

I have worked for R&B Toyota for over 15 years. Myself and my team are committed to looking after you - ensuring you drive a safe and reliable vehicle.
Strat Campbell

Workshop Manager

I have been working for Rutherford and Bond Toyota for almost 20 years. My goal is making sure the customer’s request are completed as quick as possible and to a high standard.
Daphne Chin

Service Advisor Team Leader

I have been in the automotive service industry for 25 years! My role is full of challenges, I am a helpful, supportive, problem solver which really allows me flourish at work and at home as a mother and grandmother. The best part of my job is meeting new people every day and building lasting relationships with my customers.
Brad Turnbull

Service Advisor

I have been with Rutherford & Bond for close to 4 years, starting off in Porirua and now in the city branch. I enjoy my role as it allows me to offer solutions and advise any additional required work for my customer’s cars. With my main focus being keeping their cars safe and reliable for the road. I also enjoy the customer relations I gain and have kept over my time with R&B.
Chantal Clarke

Service Advisor

With three years previous experience in the motor industry, I really enjoy my role here at Rutherford and Bond Toyota. My role includes providing excellent customer service to all customers and liaising directly with the technicians to ensure your car is reliable and fit for the road.
Dana Khushal

Service Administrator

I joined Rutherford & Bond Toyota over a year ago but I have been a part of the automotive industry for a few years now. The best part about working here is the people and the environment we work in. I am part of a great team who strive to exceed customer expectations daily. In my spare time, I’m out walking my dog or up the mountain skiing when I get the chance.
Rob Claridge

Service Advisor


Kevin Nash

Parts Manager

My long career has always been within the Toyota Family. I am very proud to be working in such a fantastic Franchise, over the years I have seen many changes in the industry, however one thing that doesn’t change is the satisfaction I get when I see our customers with a smile on their face and the engagement we get from them means we are doing great things here at Rutherford & Bond Toyota.
Alphonse Joseph

Parts Team Leader

I joined the busy parts team at Rutherford & Bond Toyota in 2017. I am passionate about cars and I bring this enthusiasm to my day-to-day operations. In my weekends, you’ll find me on a soccer pitch or playing beach volley around the bays.
Malcolm Ward

Parts Consultant

I started with Toyota in 1983 with Cable Price from an automotive background in selling parts. I soon learned that the build quality of Toyota vehicles are always improving and that seemed to reflect in the people that buy them and hold to them. I guess it’s a passion and that’s why I have never left, why change what is a successful business model?
David Adair

Parts Trade Consultant

I’ve spent 14 satisfying years working for the Toyota brand meeting and helping people from all walks of life. Every day holds new challenges, fun, laughter and above all, great interactions with people that enjoy our products and services. I’m proud to work for Toyota and with a team that’s passionate about leaving our customers with a smile on their face time and again. I also have the privilege of traveling around the region spreading that passion for people and great service within my role representing our parts teams across all branches.
Wes Mounter

Parts Consultant

Having been involved in the Wellington Automotive Parts scene since the late 80’s, I have seen a lot of changes and made many long lasting friendships in the industry. I have been with the Toyota Franchise and Rutherford & Bond for over 10 years and enjoy the Toyota way of getting things done.
Connor Burns

Parts Consultant

I’ve been in the motor trade for over 3 years, and have enjoyed every second of it. In my spare time I row for the local club, and coach the university novice rowers.

Finance, Insurance & Toyota Care

Shaunelle Ellis

Finance & Insurance Consultant

My passion for customer service and the Toyota Brand are both key factors in making your experience throughout the purchase process easy and enjoyable.

Business Support

Phil Springford

Chief Financial Officer

I have managed finance and support functions across a number of industries over the last 10 years. Originally from the Hawkes Bay, I have now spent more time in Wellington than anywhere else. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my young family and supporting their school through various committees.
Kelsey Breden

Senior Accounts Clerk

I joined the R&B family in 2011 with a passion for motorsport and the motor industry. I enjoy the challenges the industry brings and am always looking forward to what’s next. In my spare time you will find me training for Rock ‘n’ Roll dance competitions, renovating our house or planning my wedding!
Caroline Coombe

Accounts Clerk

I joined the Rutherford and Bond team in 2016 and have enjoyed the change of environment to the vehicle industry. I am Wellington born and bred, and on the weekends you will find me cheering on my family on the football field.
Jayden Grant Accounts Clerk
Jayden Grant

Accounts Clerk

I first joined King Toyota as a car groomer in 2015, then left to attend Otago University in early 2016, only to find myself back at Rutherford and Bond at the end of 2016 working as a driver for the service department. This pushed me into my new role as accounts clerk at the end of 2017. I’m learning a lot in this role about the industry and the values that Toyota runs by and the extra mile we all strive to go to for our customers.
Andrew Murray

Company Accountant

I am pleased to be part of the Rutherford & Bond team. I always ensure that the customer always comes first and I strive to exceed customer expectations. I am in the process of building a new house in the Hutt Valley which keeps me busy on the weekends.
Jasmine Smith

HR Coordinator

After taking some time out from work to do some travelling, I joined the Rutherford & Bond team in September after moving to New Zealand from the UK. With over 4 years HR experience and a passion for working with people, I am really excited to be part of such an amazing and diverse team. I love nature and animals so outside of work you will probably find me on the beach or out on hikes around Wellington.

Customer Support

Lily Turner-Walker

Customer Support Manager

With my passion for Customer Service, I was excited to join the Customer Support Team at Rutherford & Bond Toyota in June this year. I love the diversity that the automotive industry brings and the people who work here are exceptional! I enjoy keeping active so in my spare time I am out on walks, at the gym or running after my young niece and nephew.
Jessica Knipping

Customer Retention Specialist

I joined the Toyota team in May 2017 and from day one I have been working with the best people that I could ask for. We all strive to make sure that you, our customer are having the best service in every aspect of your time with Toyota. I am a born and bred Wellingtonian and have travelled enough to know that we live in the best little city in the world. Outside of work you will mostly find me at the movie theatre or talking about film online. I also enjoy Graphic Design and every other type of media.
Ranee Sos

Customer Retention Specialist

I joined the team as a Customer retention specialist back in 2017. My background is in customer service and sales and I am always looking at opportunities to grow. I believe in working together as a team and enjoy working with people of different backgrounds. In my spare time I enjoy keeping fit, trying new restaurants and being amongst nature.
Casey Greville

Customer Retention Specialist

My passion for people has led me to my role as Customer Retention Specialist with Rutherford and Bond Toyota. Toyota reflects my belief that in a people focused environment, you can generate above average results. In my spare time you will find me learning salsa and attending Latin dancing music events around Wellington, or swimming in Oriental Bay when the sun is out.
Morgan Holschier

Call Centre Operator

Having joined Rutherford & Bond Toyota as a call centre operator in 2017 the compassion and support received from the Toyota family drives to me to exceed guest expectations. As a keen historian I have a great fascination in our learning of our past, as-well-as an obsession with collecting old lighters. My passion in football has led me to various national competitions whilst I hope to once follow our national team in a future World Cup campaign.
Courtney Farrer

Call Centre Operator

After graduating from Victoria University with a double Major in Religious Studies & Cultural Anthropology I believe that it is important to recognise and celebrate human diversity. What better way to do this than being a Call Centre Operator for Rutherford & Bond Toyota where I can interact with, and help people from many walks of life. In my spare time you will find me behind the sewing machine creating my next project or trying out a new dinner recipe I stumbled upon on Pinterest.