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All-Electric charging at home

When it comes to charging your All-Electric car there are a range of options. Public rapid charging stations are great for a quick top-up when you need it, but quick and cost-effective charging is best done at home.

Charging made easy

There are several options for charging your All-Electric car at home. Each come with different advantages, but for most owners it makes sense to install a dedicated home charger. This gives you the ability to provide fast, convenient and cost-effective charging from a robust, secure unit. You can also plug straight into a regular AC home socket, but this is a slower way to charge and can end up costing more using peak energy rates.



Free Wallbox with your new bZ4X1


The first 400 customers to purchase an All-Electric bZ4X will receive a complimentary Wallbox Pulsar Max home charger1. With a sleek & stylish design, you can choose from a black or white unit to match your own home décor.



Expert installation


We’re proud to partner with Electrasafe (part of the Wells Group) to offer you a special installation price for the Wallbox Pulsar Max1. Installation normally takes up to three hours, and your Electrasafe engineer will show you everything you need to know.

Simple. Smarter. Stronger.

The Wallbox Pulsar Max is a rugged, compact home charger that delivers power up to four times faster than a standard 8A charging outlet. You can control your Wallbox unit via Bluetooth and WiFi, and schedule off-peak charging with cheaper energy. The Wallbox also comes with upgrade options* for enhanced solar compatibility and dynamic load balancing to charge anytime without risking a fuse trip. There’s even an option to power share across multiple chargers, with built-in load balancing to charge more than one car at a time.

*Energy meter required.


Learn more

Full control from anywhere

The myWallbox app lets you check the status of your charger and control it on-the-go. Using your smart phone you can monitor your status in real-time and receive notifications when you’re all charged up. You can control advanced energy management features and schedule your charging for times when energy is cheapest. Plus, you’ll be able to track your charging history, and remotely lock and unlock your Wallbox Pulsar Max.


Explore the app

Getting set up right

We’ve partnered with Electrasafe (part of the Wells Group) as our trusted Wallbox installation specialists. They’ll manage your install process and ensure your Wallbox Pulsar Max is fitted correctly and everything is set to go. Your Electrasafe engineer will also walk you through the home charging basics and answer any questions you may have.

FAQs about home charging

Do I need a special electrical setup at home for All-Electric vehicle charging?

Yes, you'll need a dedicated circuit and a compatible charging unit installed by a certified electrician. Electrasafe ensures a safe and efficient installation to meet your charging needs.

Can I monitor and control my home charging remotely?

Yes, many home charging units offer remote monitoring and control features through mobile apps.

What is Wallbox load management?

Wallbox load management is a feature of Wallbox EV chargers that allows you to control the amount of power that your charger draws from the grid. This can be useful for preventing overload and ensuring that your charger has enough power to charge your car at the desired rate.

How does Wallbox load management work?

Wallbox load management works by monitoring the power consumption of your home or business. When the power consumption reaches a certain level, Wallbox load management will reduce the power output of the charger. This will help to prevent overload and ensure that there is enough power for other appliances and devices.

Can I use Wallbox load management with my solar panels?

Yes, you can use Wallbox load management with your solar panels to optimise the use of solar energy for charging your car.

What is the typical charging time for an All-Electric vehicle using a Mode 3 charger?

The charging time for an All-Electric vehicle (EV) using a Mode 3 charger varies based on the charger's power rating and the capacity of the EV's battery. As a general guide, a higher power-rated charger, measured in kilowatts (kW), can deliver faster charging.

How fast can Electrasafe schedule the installation of my Wallbox charger?

Electrasafe understands the importance of a timely EV charger installation. Once you submit your request through our assessment form, their team strives to schedule a site assessment if the information provided is not sufficient. The duration between the assessment and the actual installation depends on various factors such as site complexity, accessibility, and the availability of required materials. We prioritise efficiency without compromising on the quality of our installations. The Electrasafe team aims to provide you with a realistic timeline during the assessment process.

What is the typical timeline from assessment to installation with Electrasafe?

The timeline from assessment to installation varies based on the factors mentioned earlier. On average, Electrasafe aims to complete the installation within 10 working days after quote is approved. However, this may be expedited or extended based on the unique circumstances of each installation.

Can Electrasafe provide an estimated installation date during the assessment?

Yes, the Electrasafe team will provide you with an estimated installation date during the assessment phase. This estimate takes into account the factors discussed, allowing you to plan accordingly.

What can I do to prepare for a faster Wallbox charger installation with Electrasafe?

To facilitate a faster installation, ensure that: 

   - Site access and access to the roof (if available) is clear and unobstructed. 

   - Any necessary permissions or approvals are obtained in advance. 

   - All relevant information about the site is communicated during the assessment. 

   - Download, install and sign up to the myWallbox application 

The myWallbox app is available on both App Store and Google Play.

What if I have an urgent need for a charger installation?

If you have an urgent need, please mention this during the initial inquiry or assessment. Electrasafe will prioritise urgent requests and provide a tailored solution to meet your specific timeline. Feel free to contact us directly for any further clarification or to discuss specific requirements related to the installation timeline.



Overseas model shown. Cars and accessories may differ from final New Zealand specification.

1. Be one of the first 400 customers to purchase at TDP or Bronze pricing and take delivery through an Authorised Toyota Dealer of a new Toyota bZ4X vehicle between 1 November 2023 and 31 December 2024 and receive a free Wallbox Pulsar Max charger valued at $2,250 RRP (inc. GST). Excludes installation costs. Limit one charger per vehicle. Subject to vehicle and charger availability. See for full Ts&Cs.