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Driving Innovation

Whether it be alternative energy sources, interconnected traffic & safety systems, human assisting robots or new modes of personal transport, Toyota is constantly focused on developing for the future.


Toyota’s Innovation ambassador Nanogirl Labs and co-founder Dr Michelle Dickinson, nanotechnologist and science educator embarked on a trip to the International Consumer Electronics Show, the world’s largest global gathering of innovation and technologies.

It’s here that Dr Michelle Dickinson will explain the technological intricacies of Toyota’s cutting edge innovation and bring to life Toyota’s vision for the future of mobility.

We don't just want to move people, we want to enrich their lives. Because by creating the safest and most responsible ways of getting people around, we'll help make the world a truly better place.

For over 85 years, Toyota's innovations continue to make people's lives easier. But as far as we've come, there's still so much we can do. With our eyes to the future, we're setting our sights on an even greater mission: helping to give all of humankind the freedom to move.



More than a machine, a partner.

The leader of our CONCEPT-i Series, TOYOTA CONCEPT-i uses artificial intelligence to connect with its driver―learning, protecting and inspiring them on the road ahead.


Project Blaid

Awareness on your shoulders.

A technology that helps people navigate their surroundings and do more with greater freedom, independence and confidence.


Human Support Robot

Your helping hand.

A friendly robot that's designed to make independent living possible by assisting with day-to-day tasks and connecting users with their family and friends.