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Toyota Certified Used Cars

What is Toyota Certified?

Every Toyota Certified used car is refreshed, inspected and backed, leaving you with the sweet taste of not buying a lemon.

Toyota Certified Hybrid Import Benefits

Toyota Certified Hybrid Imports come with one year warranty, one year AA roadservice, a free WoF, a 5 year hybrid battery warranty and eligible cars get a Clear Car Rebate.

How do we back our cars?

A Toyota Certified used car is backed with:

· 1 year warranty
· 1 year AA Roadservice
· 1 free WoF check
· Plus, Hybrids come with a 5 year hybrid battery warranty*

How do we refresh our cars?

a. We begin by giving every car a thorough inspection.

b. If any parts require replacement during our quality checks, we refit them with brand new parts.

c. Each car has the oil and filter changed if due within 5,000km of Toyota NZ’s recommended service schedule.

d. The audio systems are updated with a band expander or replaced with a NZ new audio.

e. Toyota trained technicians work to remove any dents, bumps, or damage before having those areas primed and prepped for painting.

f. If required, the car is then painted.

How do we inspect our cars?

a. Every car is inspected by Toyota trained experts for any exterior and interior damage and to check if any parts need replacing.

b. Experts strip the car so the AA can undertake a compliance and WOF check, including assessing the structure, suspension, brakes and exhaust for rust or damage.

c. An independent company, JEVIC, certifies the car's odometer.

We give them one more once over.

Our expert team gives the car a final, thorough once over to ensure nothing has been missed.

What makes a Toyota Certified imported car a safer bet?

We hand-pick our cars. Our team of trained experts sort through thousands of vehicles via Japanese auction houses and select only the very best vehicles to import back to New Zealand.

We import our cars. Importing our cars directly means a tighter, more controlled process.

We refurbish and service our cars at Toyota’s Thames plant.

We import our vehicles directly to our Thames refurbishment plant. We are the only car manufacturer with the facilities to do so in New Zealand - which means every vehicle goes straight into the hands of a trained expert before becoming Toyota Certified.

Pick and choose your ideal used car

Toyota Certified used cars come in many shapes and sizes. Pick the right size, colour and features to suit your needs and lifestyle. Finance options through Toyota Finance are also available.