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Toyota Care Service Advantage

Service Advantage

When you buy a new Toyota vehicle, you automatically receive Toyota Driveaway Value.

Part of the Toyota Driveaway Value package is Service Advantage. Service Advantage consists of 5 years Warranty (if scheduled servicing is met), 5 years Roadside Assistance, 5 years WOF coverage and 5 years Capped Price Service coverage.

Service Advantage has been designed to help you receive the best value during your vehicle ownership.

What's Included?

5 years of capped price service coverage, 5 years Warrant of Fitness coverage, 5 years Roadside Assistance, and 5 years warranty (if scheduled servicing is met).

Maximising Your Vehicle's Resale Value

A good service record adds value to your vehicle, giving confidence to the next owner. Should you sell your vehicle, the balance of your Service Advantage package is fully transferable to the next owner, including the Platinum Warranty extension.

Your Service Advantage Rewards

Any new vehicles purchased in NZ come with a standard 3 year New Vehicle Warranty. With Service Advantage, you will receive 5 years Warranty and 5 years Roadside Assistance just by ensuring your vehicle is serviced to the recommended service schedule at an Authorised Toyota Dealer or Service Agent.

As your reward you will receive Platinum Warranty.

This extends the benefits of your New Vehicle Warranty to total cover of 5 years or 150,000km* and Roadside Assistance for a total of 5 years.

*whichever occurs first.

Our Commitment To You

Our team has a single-minded dedication to excellence in service and the customer care experience. Backing this up are our world-class staff training facilities and customer support services, including a ready supply of replacement parts and outstanding technical capabilities.

If you have any feedback, questions or concerns, your local Toyota store would welcome the opportunity to assist. You can also download your New Vehicle Owners Commitment booklet for more information.