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Explore Toyota Genuine Batteries and Oil

Genuine Car Batteries

For the best outcomes, ensure you use the right specification product. Like a Toyota Genuine Battery for your Toyota... or 3ply toilet paper for the big jobs.

Our Battery Range

A Toyota Genuine battery has been made to the right specifications for your Toyota and this can be purchased from your local Toyota store. A full range of Century Yuasa batteries (non-genuine), and the leading range of battery chargers and trickle chargers are also available.

What causes flat batteries?

There are many factors that can impact your car’s battery performance. The longer your car sits in the driveway unused, the more likely your battery is to encounter problems. Not only does a lack of use run the chance of the car battery going flat, but the cold can also be a problem too. The more the battery is drained, the more likely it will need replacing.

A flat battery is one of the more common calls roadside assistance receive when cars don’t start. The last thing you need is to discover is a flat battery when you’re late for an appointment or picking up the kids!

The importance of regular battery testing

Testing is like a health check for your battery and helps to avoid battery related problem. This check is always undertaken as part of a Toyota service, but the team at your local Toyota store is always happy to check the health of your battery.

Give yourself peace of mind and get your Toyota car battery tested. You can organise this at your local Toyota store to double check it’s performance and purchase a genuine replacement if needed.

Understanding different types of car batteries

There are a number of different car batteries to choose from. Some of the most common types include:

• Calcium battery: One of the most common batteries found in vehicles, calcium batteries have a small amount of calcium added to the lead plates to improve durability.

• AGM battery: Absorbent Glass Mat batteries offer a higher durability and charge acceptance. This makes them well suited for enduring the increasing battery demands of modern vehicles.

• EFB battery: Commonly used in entry level stop-start cars, Enhanced Flooded Batteries are able to accept higher charge rates and cycle deeper.

• Stop-start technology: This technology turns off your vehicle’s engine when stationary to improve fuel economy and reduce emissions. This type of feature is usually fitted with either an AGM or EFB battery as they can handle the larger demands.

Genuine Motor Oil

Motor oil that hasn’t been made to the right specification for your car may cause damage to your engine. Beware the Dangers! Ensure you use the motor oil that has been made for your car as it will help protect the engine and help keep the car performing efficiently.

Choosing the right engine oil for your car

There are a surprising number of motor oil products out there to choose from, and due to the sophisticated technology in cars and growing importance on fuel efficiency, it’s becoming even more important to use the right specification engine oil for your car.

To ensure you’re selecting the right product, look in your car’s manual to understand the recommended oil weight. Otherwise, speak to one of our team members at your local Toyota store to make sure you choose the right product for your Toyota.

Genuine Filters

An oil filter is an often-underrated important part of your car’s engine, it works like your liver - taking all the toxins (i.e. dirt or debris) so that it can operate cleanly and ensure only quality oil circulates.

It’s the primary line of defence of your engine

Toyota Genuine Filters have been designed to capture even the smallest particles and have been made specifically for your Toyota and to Toyota’s stringent specifications. A non-genuine filter may not work the same and could cause damage to your engine.

We recommend replacing filters with every other engine oil change or as per your vehicle’s owner manual. If you are unsure if you need to replace your filter, talk to the experts at your local Toyota store.

Treat your Toyota right

All of our Genuine engine oils and fluids have been designed specifically for your Toyota to maintain its integrity and keep it as genuine as the day it rolled off the factory floor. Your local Toyota store also offers a full range of Genuine Parts, allowing you to purchase the right parts for your peace of mind.

With over 60 stores conveniently located nationwide – Toyota has you and your car covered. Simply call in to your local Toyota store or give them a call.