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Toyota Eco Driving and Fuel Saving Tips

Our busy lives mean we spend a lot of time travelling around in our cars. All this driving can cost a lot of money in fuel, as well as generating unnecessary air pollution. But there are some simple ways in which we can reduce these.

Choosing The Right Vehicle Tips

The biggest single difference you can make to ensure you are not spending more than you need to on fuel, is buying the most efficient vehicle for your lifestyle. The difference to your fuel bills over the life of your car can be significant - even between similar sized vehicles. So, it’s wise to compare models and features.

Tip 1. Choose a vehicle that is suitable for your needs
Tip 2. Choose a vehicle with Eco-drive features
Tip 3. Choose a hybrid or electric car

There are 2 types of electric cars (or EVs) available:

  • Battery electric vehicles are powered by a battery and electric motor, and are charged by plugging into an electric power point.
  • Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles run like an EV for a normal commute, but will revert to a hybrid electric vehicle when required for longer journeys.


Before You Drive, Preparation Tips

The convenience of our cars mean we often jump into them without thinking. But a little forethought before you drive your car can help save a few dollars on our weekly costs and even provide an opportunity for some welcome exercise.

Tip 1. Ask yourself if you need to take your car
Tip 2. Combine trips
Tip 3. Remove heavy items from your boot
Tip 4. Remove your roof and bike racks
Tip 5. Check your tyre pressure regularly, when the tyres are cold.

Check out the below video for tips on how to prepare your vehicle before you drive.

On the Road, Driving Tips

Erratic driving speeds with a heavy foot on the accelerator and brake can cost nearly $300 a year in avoidable fuel costs.

Tip 1. Go light on the accelerator & brakes
Tip 2. Look ahead and anticipate the traffic
Tip 3. Stick to the speed limit
Tip 5. Corner smoothly
Tip 6. Reduce idling time
Tip 7. Turn the air-conditioning off
Tip 8. Love your car and get regular services!

Check out the below video for tips on how to drive your vehicle to save money and be more environmentally friendly.

Toyota's commitment to sustainability is reflected in its global vision launched in March 2011 - we want to continue to lead the drive towards more sustainable ways of mobility, by working with all our stakeholders to develop products and services that enrich our customer's lives and make them smile.

View the latest Sustainability Report 

The information provided on this page includes information as a general guidance only and is sourced from the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) website.