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Hatchback vs Sedan: Pros and Cons

What is the difference between a hatchback and a sedan?

The main difference between a hatchback and a sedan is the boot. Hatchbacks have no division between the rear seats and boot space, while the sedan’s boot is a separate compartment. When deciding between a hatchback vs sedan there are some important considerations. You need to weigh up the pros and cons so you can be sure you’re getting the right car for your needs.



Pros of a Hatchback

People love hatchbacks because they have a generous boot and the rear seats fold down giving you even more storage space. They’re ideal for transporting people and cargo around town, and their smaller size means they can nip into tight parking spots. Their popularity means they hold their resale value well.

Hatchbacks typically have great fuel economy and Toyota hybrid options mean you can travel even further without filling up - explore the Prius hybrid hatch range.

Cons of a Hatchback

Hatchbacks are great compact cars for those who do a lot of kms in and around town daily. But if you need more oomph for the open road, then a sedan can offer greater engine power. Rear passengers on the taller side may find travelling long distances in a hatchback uncomfortable.

Pros of a Sedan

Sedans have a longer wheelbase so tend to offer more legroom for backseat passengers. This doesn’t necessarily mean less cargo capacity than a hatchback. New model sedans can hold their own in terms of boot space.

Since the boot is a separate compartment, a sedan is usually quieter in terms of road noise and offers a smoother drive than a hatchback. Toyota sedans come in hybrid options - if fuel efficiency is top of your list explore the Camry sedan hybrid range.

Cons of a Sedan

Traditionally sedans are more expensive than hatchbacks, but it again it depends on the model you choose, so be sure to compare prices. A sedan may not be the best car for easy parking.

Which One is Right for You?

Hatchbacks and sedans are both popular cars for Kiwi drivers. But which is right for you?

When tossing up between a hatchback vs sedan you may initially be drawn to one model over the other. Perhaps you prefer hatchbacks, or your family has always driven sedans. But your practical needs should be the deciding factor in which is right for you.

What kind of trips will you make - everyday errands or longer trips? Who will be driving with you - your partner, your kids? How often do you carry passengers, cargo?

Safety is always a top priority in Toyota hatchbacks and sedans. Both models are fitted with the latest safety features so you can feel safer on the road no matter where you drive.