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Previa, July 2016_Feautres-Innovation space

Innovation space

The Previa has become such an extensive  part of life, it’s easy to overlook just what an innovative car this really is.

The Previa’s clever seating arrangements, convenient sliding side door and absolute reliability have made it a trusted perennial favourite for large families and social or business groups to get from place to place quickly and comfortably.

Room for eight

A seven –seater? No, in fact the Previa comfortably accommodates eight adults and their luggage thanks to its clever cabin space.

The sliding side doors – which are on both sides of the car - make it really easy to get people in and out (as well as luggage and other items), even in cramped urban parking spaces.

room for eight

We carry people

Interior triple

If you’ve got a lot of passengers onboard, you want to make sure they all have enough room to move. Because the Previa was designed as a dedicated people carrier, it features an especially bright and airy cabin with a real emphasis on available space. Even on longer trips it’ll maintain the comfort of a car, with the space and adaptability of a full-size wagon. 

plenty of power

With the Previa’s people-moving prowess in mind, there’s plenty of power on tap.

The standard 2.4-litre engine boasts intelligent engineering solutions like VVT-i (Variable Valve Timing with Intelligence) which optimises intake valve timing to improve power, reduce fuel consumption, and cut harmful exhaust emissions. 

The seven-speed Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) ensures a smooth ride - whether you’re in town or on the open road. You can also shift through the gears with the Sport sequential manual mode.


Get in and go

The Previa features a smart key system that allows you to start the engine without having to take the key fob out of your pocket or handbag.

That’s rather convenient when you’re juggling kids and shopping bags, or out-of-town guests and their luggage.

exterior design_July 2016

Adaptive Design

With so much usable, adaptable space onboard, the Previa suits a huge variety of different activities and lifestyles.

This is a spacious multi-purpose wagon made for families, extended families and social groups; there’s room for everyone.

But with its eight comfortable seats, the Previa also presents a great opportunity for corporate and fleet customers too. If you need to get a lot of people to a lot of places, the Previa offers the complete package.

Effortless audio

The Previa features steering wheel mounted audio controls as standard; convenient for changing radio stations and audio modes, as well as adjusting volume on the go without removing your eyes from the road.

Audio with Bluetooth

Everything within reach

The Previa’s dashboard has a central focus, with premium controls and surfaces.

The dash-mounted gear lever cleverly provides for clear floor area between the front seats, which means passengers can move about inside the cabin a lot easier. As a result of this design feature and the positioning of the Previa’s dials centrally, there’s also more storage space.

Everyone onboard will feel the benefits of the dual-zone climate control air conditioning system too, thanks to a rear passenger cooler which provides the perfect temperature throughout the entire cabin.

protection all the way 2

Protection all the way

It might feature a longer passenger area than many other vehicles, but everyone – including those seated in the third row benefit from the Previa’s full length curtain shield airbags. Additionally the airbag package includes driver and passenger front, driver’s knee and front side airbags.

Tech to protect

With extra passengers to get from A to B, you’ve got enough to think about, so it’s reassuring to know the Previa comes with the latest safety software to keep you on track regardless of the conditions.

The Previa has an Anti-lock Braking System with Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) and Brake Assist (BA), which bring the vehicle to a stop faster and in a more controlled fashion.

There’s also Toyota’s proven Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) which works to restore control if the car starts to skid due to a sudden change of direction, and Traction Control (TRC), which compliments VSC by limiting wheelspin during acceleration.

Meanwhile Hill-start Assist Control (HAC) helps stop the Previa from rolling backward when setting off on a steep slope, by electronically holding the brakes once your foot leaves the brake pedal to move to the accelerator.

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