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The Power of a 2.8 Litre Engine

The Land Cruiser Prado has unveiled impressive gains to performance, fuel economy and quietness turbo-diesel engine.

The 2.8-litre four-cylinder engine has been developed from the ground up to provide more power and torque, unquestionable reliability, robust operation and a smooth drive.

Toyota Safety Sense

Toyota Safety Sense is a package of active safety systems designed to keep you and your passengers protected in all types of traffic. Around town and at lower speeds Toyota Safety Sense can help prevent collisions, while on the open road and at higher speeds it aims to reduce the severity of any impact by supporting your awareness and decision-making with leading safety technology.


Satellite Navigation with SUNA

The Satellite Navigation with SUNATM traffic channel is like having a personal 'traffic expert' in the car with you at all times, anywhere you go in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington or Christchurch.

The SUNA channel broadcasts real-time traffic information about major arterial roads, freeways and motorways directly to the in-built navigation system, which is then translated into warnings relevant to your exact location.

SUNA is able to recommend alternative routes that minimise congestion and delays, so you can get where you're going faster and stress-free. It also maximises your safety by letting you know if there are any major oil spills or road slips in your vicinity.


In tune with the road ahead

The Land Cruiser Prado features a sophisticated Pre-Crash Safety system (PCS) which can help reduce collision damage and injury. The PCS system features a radar sensor that detects obstacles in front of the Prado. Using numerous sensors, the pre-crash system computer helps determine in advance whether an unavoidable collision is about to occur. The Pre-Crash Safety system alerts the driver and instantaneously reacts by retracting the front seatbelts and arming the Pre-crash Brake Assist system to improve braking performance. In an extreme situation the system could even apply the brakes even if you haven’t touched the brake pedal.

mark of excellence 2

A mark of excellence

The Land Cruiser legend has been built from over 60 years of unmatched performance in the world’s toughest conditions, including everything New Zealand can throw at it. With each generation of Land Cruiser, the legend grows. Take a closer look at the Prado range’s headlights and tail lights and you’ll see a special Land Cruiser logo etched within.


JBL premium audio

An incredible 14 speaker JBL Premium Audio and Navigation system with subwoofer is standard for Prado VX and Prado VX Limited.

This fantastic surround sound stereo system gives you everything at your fingertips, with the added bonus of satellite navigation.

movie time

Movie Time

Rear-seat passengers in the VX Limited can break up that long road trip with in-car entertainment thanks to the 9” LED ceiling mounted adjustable display attached to a Blu-ray player and powerful, multi-speaker 5.1 channel DVD surround sound system.

Passengers can link up their wireless headphones to allow for a different audio track to be played to rear seat passengers, meaning front seat passengers can enjoy music or a radio channel while those in the second and third rows can watch a Blu-ray DVD (2 sets of wireless headphones supplied).


See the light

Subtle LED illumination sits inside the Prado’s door handles, which makes hopping into the vehicle easier when it’s dark. Only available in the Prado VX and Prado VX Limited.

Touches of luxury

It’s the little details within the Prado range that offer up touches of luxury, like the power glass sunroof that can tilt or slide, or the chilled central storage compartment in the VX Limited, meaning everyone onboard can enjoy chilled refreshments while en-route to that far-off destination.

And speaking of keeping cool, all Prado models also feature a three-zone climate control air conditioning system, with independent driver, front passenger and second row controls to ensure the right balance for everyone onboard.