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Toyota’s engineers have been where you’ve been and they’ve seen for themselves the conditions you operate in; they understand New Zealand’s varied landscapes and what New Zealand drivers expect of their truck.

High low 4WD dial_smaller

The easy way to switch to 4WD

Getting in and out of your vehicle just to unlock the differential so you can switch between 4WD and 2WD isn’t always an option - especially when you're trying to get a job done. That's why all 4WD Hilux come with part time 4WD and an Automatically Disconnecting Differential (ADD), so you can switch to 4WD and back again at the switch of the dial. ADD also improves fuel consumption because there is less drag when the vehicle’s front wheels are not driving. H2 for on-road A to B travel, H4 for when the going gets a litte tricker like on gravel roads and L4 is where the off-road adventure begins. 


The heart of the matter

Powered by the new flexible and efficient 2.8L turbo diesel - welcome to the most refined Hilux engine yet.


Huge audio with Bluetooth

Every Hilux features a 7" touchscreen, providing access to all your audio, including Bluetooth streamed files from your smartphone or device. You can also easily scroll to the next song using the audio controls on the steering wheel.

Once in reverse, the large colour tablet-like screen becomes your reversing camera display, helping you manoeuver safely.


Make it your way

The expanded Toyota Genuine Accessories range also includes redesigned regulars for leisure and work-related activities, including a towbar purpose-designed to support the maximum towing capacity of each Hilux model. The range also includes familiar items such as bonnet and headlamp protectors, rear park assist sensors, side steps and roof racks.

Because every Hilux is expected to perform a specific task, over 200 individual accessory options are available to help tailor your vehicle to your needs. Front, back, interior and exterior; the Hilux is covered.



This Hilux can tow

The Hilux 4WD Single and Extra Cab models have a huge maximum towing capacity of 3500kg (braked), which means that you can take a full load of passengers, a full tray of weight, as well as the additional 3500kg towing. 

The Hilux’s diesel engine holds torque, which is why it thrives when towing trailers, boats or horse floats. Even in town the Hilux’s 420Nm of torque means it’s easier to accelerate away from traffic lights and sustain posted road speeds while carrying heavy loads in the tray. 

Work to weekend - made easy.

The Extra and Single Cab Chassis models are classic workhorses that are the most adaptable Hilux models with go-anywhere 4WD ability and ready for you to add your own personal specification with a tray design to suit your needs. Extra Cab models also features a '4x4' decal on the side.


All New Hilux is not only built to tackle the tough stuff on and off-road, it has been built with extra features to help you do what you need to do, safely.

Features include a 5-Star ANCAP safety rating, 7 airbags, Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), Active Traction Control (A-TRC), Trailer Sway Control (TSC) and reversing cameras (on wellside models).

Perfect load height

Need to move around the toolbox? The 4WD Hilux Extra Cab has the perfect loading height of 861mm. This means that for the average height adult, your hip point is level with the tray of the ute so there is a reduced need to bend and twist when shifting items.



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