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Hilux delivers you the power to get things done and the fuel efficiency to go further. Now our expanded 2WD line-up also delivers more choice than ever, with both traditional 2WD utes perfect for the trades, and new model options which boast the same superior ride height as our proven 4WD range. Because whether it’s at work or play, this is New Zealand’s favourite truck.


1. Choose your preferred height

2WD Double Cab Hilux is now more versitile than ever. Choose from either a standard 2WD height, or the new PreRunner, offering more ground clearance and street appeal of a 4WD, but with a 2WD drivetrain.

2. Choose your transmission

The Hilux transmission is now better than ever - smoother, quieter, and with more features. Choose your Double Cab in either a 5-speed or the new 6-speed manual transmission, or the 6-speed automatic transmission (model dependant).

3. Choose your fuel type

Designed for work and weekend, the Hilux 2WD Double Cab is available in both petrol or diesel models.
New Hilux boasts lower fuel consumption figures for many Hilux and meets stringent EURO5 emission standards. 


New 6-Speed transmission

To make the most of the new engine there’s a new 6-speed manual transmission on selected models – or you can go for the 6-speed automatic option if that’s your preference. The transmission has a smooth feel to it when you shift gears while a shortened gear lever offers more responsive gear changing. 

i-MT is a new feature for the SR5 manual Hilux. It’s there to help you manage your revs and shift gears more smoothly. It comes in useful off-road or when driving slowly around the city. With i-MT engaged (just hit the button to turn it on), you can gently lift your foot off the clutch and the vehicle maintains enough revs to avoid stalling. Pretty handy when you’re off road and pointing your Hilux uphill.


Power when you need it

A 220 volt, 100 watt power outlet is available for SR5 and SR5 Limited models. Its enough to charge up your power tools or run a laptop. Handy if your Hilux doubles as your work-space, and it's pretty useful when you take the family out camping too.


Make it your way

The expanded Toyota Genuine Accessories range also includes redesigned regulars for leisure and work-related activities, including a towbar purpose-designed to support the maximum towing capacity of each Hilux model. The range also includes familiar items such as bonnet and headlamp protectors, rear park assist sensors, side steps and roof racks.

Because every Hilux is expected to perform a specific task, over 200 individual accessory options are available to help tailor your vehicle to your needs. Front, back, interior and exterior; the Hilux is covered.



This Hilux can tow

The Hilux 2WD Double Cab ute has a maximum towing capacity of 2500kg (braked), which means that you can take a full load of passengers, a full tray of weight, as well as the additional 2500kg towing. 2WD PreRunner models can tow up to 2,800kg (braked).

The Hilux’s diesel engine holds the torque, which is why it thrives when towing trailers, boats or horse floats. Even in town the Hilux’s 420-450Nm of torque means it’s easier to accelerate away from traffic lights and sustain posted road speeds while carrying heavy loads in the tray. 

Trailer Sway Control

Because there’s often the need to tow a load, Trailer Sway Control (TSC) is used to help keep the trailer swinging from side to side. It does this by providing appropriate braking and reduces engine power, if needed. It’s a reassuring thing to have when the loads are big, or the winds are high.


The heart of the matter

Powered by the new flexible and efficient 2.8L turbo diesel - welcome to the most refined Hilux engine yet.


Perfect load height

Need to move around the toolbox? The 2WD PreRunner has the perfect loading height of 861mm. This means that for the average height adult, your hip point is level with the tray of the ute so there is a reduced need to bend and twist when shifting items.



Next level Hilux

With Hilux Double Cab 2WD PreRunner you can now have a ground clearance of 286mm - the same as its 4WD cousins. 

  • Rugged exterior design including a wide horizontal grille and muscular wheel arches. PreRunner models feauture additional 'PreRunner' decals on the side
  • Heavy-duty suspension and a maximum payload of 985kg for S models, 970-975kg for PreRunner SR models, and 965kg for PreRunner SR5 Limited models means the Hilux 2WD Double Cab remains a truly versatile load carrier.
  • Halogen headlights, or LED for SR5 and SR5 Limited models.
  • 31 degree approach angle. 26 degree departure angle on PreRunner models.

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Safety - Top priority

Whether your Hilux is for work or play – or a little of both – you’ll want the extra peace of mind that comes with a robust suite of safety measures onboard.
The 5 Star ANCAP safety-rated Hilux 2WD line-up arrives with driver and passenger front and side airbags, front curtain shield airbags and rear curtain shield airbags.

Huge audio with Bluetooth

Every Hilux features a 7" touchscreen, providing access to all your audio, including Bluetooth streamed files from your smartphone or device. You can also easily scroll to the next song using the audio controls on the steering wheel.

Once in reverse, the large colour tablet-like screen becomes your reversing camera display, helping you manoeuver safely.

SR5 and SR5 Limited models also feature Satellite Navigation with SUNA traffic avoidance system.