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Corolla Sedan Features


Its All About Family

The perennial Corolla is one of the world’s most loved small cars. With such a heritage of reliable, economical and safe motoring, for over 40 years the Corolla has been the car both your mum and your mechanic will recommend.

The Corolla Sedan is an enormous part of our family, so it’s perfect for your family too.

Power Trip

The Corolla Sedan's 1.8-litre four cylinder petrol engine packs a 103kW punch, with 173Nm of torque.

Thanks to dual Variable Valve Timing (VVT-i), which improves both engine performance and overall efficiency, there’s plenty of power on-tap, whether you’re sticking strictly to the urban highways and byways, or heading out of town with a full complement of passengers.


It's What's On The Inside...

Corolla’s good looks outside are matched inside by features such as tilt and telescopic steering, supportive seats and air conditioning in the cabin. The driving position has been reengineered for greater comfort and variation, with adjustments to the steering column angle and 15mm more travel in the driver’s seat lift function, which allows you to find the most suitable seating position in an instant.

Toyota Safety Sense

Toyota Safety Sense is a package of active safety systems designed to keep you and your passengers protected in all types of traffic. Around town and at lower speeds Toyota Safety Sense can help prevent collisions, while on the open road and at higher speeds it aims to reduce the severity of any impact by supporting your awareness and decision-making with leading safety technology.


Pre-Crash Safety System (PCS)

If the Pre-Crash Safety System determines the possibility of collision is imminent, the driver is alerted with audio and visual warnings. The system may also provide additional braking force using Brake Assist. If the driver does not brake in time the system may automatically apply the brakes in order to prevent or alleviate a collision.


Lane Departure Alert (LDA)

If the Lane Departure Alert detects that the vehicle is starting to deviate from its lane without an indicator being applied the system will alert the driver with audio and visual warnings. The driver can then assess the situation and take corrective action.


Automatic High Beam (AHB)

The Automatic High Beam is designed to optimize driving visibility at night without dazzling other drivers. A camera detects the lights of oncoming and preceding vehicles. The system will switch automatically between high and low beam for enhanced visibility which may advance detection of any obstacles for a safer drive.


A shining example

The ZR model includes bright, white LED headlights for low and high beam, providing excellent visibility of the road ahead. The ZR's headlights also have an adaptive auto-levelling function, where the headlights automatically adjust to the movement of the vehicle to ensure they're always pointed at the road where they should be, not into the eyes of any oncoming drivers. LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL) add to the ZR's enhanced safety by making it instantly more visible.


Reliability Comes With Experience

During the past 40 years, Corolla has become the biggest selling car of all time. A huge part of that popularity rests on proven reliability; reliability that comes with continual research and refinement.

It isn’t always the big things that contribute to this refinement either. Incremental upgrades like the adoption of flush windscreen moulding for reduced wind resistance, using graphite coated wiper blades to reduce "chatter”, the development of a radiator retractor that protects the cooling unit in an accident, or double-sealed door openings and extra sound absorption material in the bonnet structure that makes for better noise insulation all add up to a lot.

Safe and Sound

All models of Corolla Sedan have Toyota Safety Sense which includes a Pre-Crash System, Lane Departure Alert, upper windscreen camera sensor and Automatic High Beam.

What's more, Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and Traction Control (TRC) work together to keep the car on a stable footing in tight corners or where road conditions become hazardous, are now standard safety equipment on all Corolla Sedans.