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Corolla Hatch Features


New angles

No longer the utilitarian hatchback you might remember from your childhood, the Corolla is all grown up and features some premium-looking design details.

Take a close-up look at the Corolla's rear combination lamps for example. They’re boldly designed to integrate with the rest of the Corolla’s perfectly proportioned bodyshell.

Exceptionally clever design

The Corolla's excellent aerodynamic performance is no accident though. It’s helped by a series of clever features perfected by Toyota’s design and engineering teams.

From the top down, aspects like the hatchback’s Pagoda roof design, the front and rear air spats, the flat cover with air fins that covers up underneath the rear floor, as well as the integrated rear spoiler all work to make the car more aerodynamic.

The rear spoiler is formed from sheet metal for an immaculate finish, and not only looks exceptional, but is also an engineering first for the Corolla. 


Bluetooth Controls

Every Corolla Hatch features either a 6.1" or 7" display audio touchscreen, providing access to all your audio, including Bluetooth streamed files from your smartphone or device. You can also easily scroll to the next song using the audio controls on the steering wheel.

The large, colour, tablet like screen is also your reversing camera display, helping you to manoeuvre with greater safety.


First class cabin

The Corolla Hatch’s good looks on the outside are matched on the inside through the use of quality fabrics and coloured stitching, and perforated leather accented material in ZR grade. The Corolla Hatch provides a quieter environment on the move too, thanks to improved noise insulation and the increased use of sound-absorbing materials.

Also you’ll note there is plenty of driver and passenger space on offer. It might be a hatchback, but it’s a roomy one both in the front and in the back.  

magic magic

Media Magic

Travelling long distance is more entertaining for kids in the rear of the Corolla hatch.

You can plug portable media or MP3 devices into the handy 12V accessory connector at the rear of the centre console box to provide them with a few hours of distracting fun.

Measured performance

Performance is measured in the new Corolla Hatch Levin SX and ZR with high grade two-ring gauges grouped with a 4.2” colour LCD Multi-function Information Display.

The MID shows current and average fuel consumption, cruising range, average vehicle speed, driving time, Eco driving indicator zone display and outside temperature display.


Rear qualities

While the Corolla hatch looks fantastic, it is also designed to be as practically functional as possible.

The boot gives you 360-litres of space with the rear seats in place (or 1120-litres with the rear seats folded), and those rear seat split 60:40 for extra convenience.

There’s even a handy space behind the rear seats where the parcel tray can be stowed.

Plus there’s a rear seat accessory outlet for charging MP3 players to keep kids entertained on those long road trips.

monitor as you go

Corolla Hatch looks, Hybrid tech

With styling cues taken from the proven Corolla Hatch GLX, you can now have Corolla’s eye-catching looks and hybrid-level reliability, all in one. You can expect similar power and performance too – all while using less fuel and producing less CO2 emissions. Quality touches such as LED headlights and Daytime Running Lights and a front grille with chrome-plated surround only add to its premium street-presence.

Explore Corolla Hatch Hybrid  See the hybrid range

ANCAP logo_5stars

Superior safety

The 5 star ANCAP rated Corolla Hatch range gives you peace of mind wherever your travels take you.

Corolla Hatch features standard safety features such as Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and Traction Control (TRC). Added protection also includes a full airbag package with drivers’ knee airbag, as well as an emergency brake signal that blinks the hazard lights to alert following drivers in certain braking situations.

Every Corolla Hatch also features other safety technology including Anti-lock Brakes (ABS), Brake Assist (BA), Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) and Hill-Start Assist Control (HAC).

Corolla Hatch GX, GLX, Levin SX and Levin ZR feature the following benefits of Toyota Safety Sense:

Toyota Safety Sense

Toyota Safety Sense is a package of active safety systems designed to keep you and your passengers protected in all types of traffic. Around town and at lower speeds Toyota Safety Sense can help prevent collisions, while on the open road and at higher speeds it aims to reduce the severity of any impact by supporting your awareness and decision-making with leading safety technology.


Pre-Crash Safety System (PCS)

If the Pre-Crash Safety System determines the possibility of collision is imminent, the driver is alerted with audio and visual warnings. The system may also provide additional braking force using Brake Assist. If the driver does not brake in time the system may automatically apply the brakes in order to prevent or alleviate a collision.


Lane Departure Alert (LDA)

If the Lane Departure Alert detects that the vehicle is starting to deviate from its lane without an indicator being applied the system will alert the driver with audio and visual warnings. The driver can then assess the situation and take corrective action.


Automatic High Beam (AHB)

The Automatic High Beam is designed to optimize driving visibility at night without dazzling other drivers. A camera detects the lights of oncoming and preceding vehicles. The system will switch automatically between high and low beam for enhanced visibility which may advance detection of any obstacles for a safer drive.