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GT86 Features

The GT86 adds flare, with every detail carefully considered to make you feel like a motorsport superstar from the second you slip into the driver’s cockpit.


Driving for the fun of it

If there’s a car that makes you want to rediscover the simple joy of heading out for a drive, with no fixed timetable to return, then the GT86 is it.

Whether you’re keen to explore the back roads or even take the long way to your favourite café, the GT86 is engaging, involving and… yes; fun!

Exterior enhancements include:

  • 17” lightweight bright machine finished gun metallic alloy wheels with 215/45/R17 tyres.
  • Even lower stance
  • Headlights – Bi-Beam LED with automatic headlight levelling and pop-up cleaners. LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL)
  • Rear spoiler - aluminium wing-type spoiler to enhance handling stability and aerodynamics. 
  • Rear privacy glass

Under the hood

The 2.0L boxer engine's naturally balanced four horizontally opposed pistons and square, 86mm x 86mm bore and stroke lie at the heart of the 86 design. The flat shape of the 16-valve Double Over-head Cam (DOHC) 2.0L engine means it sits low and towards the middle of the car, and helps with the vehicle's overall weight distribution.


Every detail’s a winner

And make no mistake; the GT86 is all about the details.

From the conrod-inspired rings around the gear lever and air vents, to the 86mm tailpipes, and the small, aero-stabilising fin within the rear lights designed to create vortices which improve aero dynamic performance.

The GT86’s greatest trick is that it looks like such a simple, straightforward performance coupe, but possesses so much technical detail all at the same time.


Everyday racing experience

The GT86 features powerful 294mm ventilated front disc brakes, and 290mm ventilated rear disc brakes.

Together they provide for instant braking response and a strong brake pedal feel. This also improves cooling and driving dynamics. In sync with the GT86’s excellent acceleration, accurate and immediate steering response, makes for a sports car the driver can control with absolute precision.


Shifting Ratios

Grabbing a GT86 gives you the option of choosing a six-speed manual or six-speed automatic transmission.

The sublimely crisp Aisin six-speed manual gearbox is a joy to use, with a short-shift action that brings back the simplicity of a perfectly balanced, perfectly tuned performance car.

The six-speed Multi-Mode Automatic Transmission, lets you get on with enjoying the GT86’s precise handling abilities. It also features Blipping Downshift Control and Flex Lock-Up Control for a manual feel, along with Sport and Snow drive modes for extra flexibility.

Both the manual and automatic GT86s’ come with a Torsen Torque Sensing Limited Slip Differential (LSD).


Sportscar tech

It might wear its sports coupe DNA on its sleeve, but the GT86 still features plenty of convenience technology designed to add ease to your drive.

For instance there’s a smart key system that detects when you are near the car, and unlocks it for you the moment you touch the door handle.

The GT86 features push button start, dual zone climate control, a frameless inside mirror and an eye-catching centre console with illuminated controls.

All in all, the GT86 cockpit is one fantastic place to be.

Controls at your finger tips

The driver’s cockpit is an uncluttered, performance orientated cocoon that instantly transports you to a different realm: a place of untold excitement, where your mastery of the road and a burning desire to drive are all that matters.

Take hold of the steering wheel - audio, cruise control, Multi-Information Display (MID) and paddle shift controls are all at your fingertips.

back seat 5

A back seat… that’s actually a back seat

The GT86 has turned the notion that all small sports coupes are basically two-seaters on its head.

There are actually two completely usable rear seats in this performance car; the sports buckets support a child’s safety seat perfectly.

They even feature ISO fixings, making getting car seats in and out that much easier.

After all, there’s no harm in getting the next generation of 86 fan keen, is there? 

A steering wheel. plain and simple

Did you know the GT86’s steering wheel is the smallest Toyota has ever made for a production car? It has a diameter of just 362mm, giving you a sportier set-up in the cabin.

There are also special thumb rests that optimise grip and contribute to the absolute precision of the 86’s steering system.


Dials for smiles

Much like the steering wheel size and position, the GT86’s instruments ahead of the driver are designed with pedigree sports performance in mind.

The tachometer is oversized to be glanced at on the go.

There’s also an inset digital speedo in addition to the analogue dial, enabling the driver to check engine and vehicle speed simultaneously.


Sports pedigree

Engineering and design elements from all three of the 86's forefathers — the Toyota 800, 2000GT and AE86 — contribute to the 86 as we know it today.

From the 1965 Toyota 800 the modern coupe takes the boxer engine and classic front engine/rear wheel drive layout.

There’s no denying a certain sensual style – especially around the shape of the belt line that runs through the middle of the 86 – was inspired by the legendary 2000GT of 1967.

As to the 86’s highly customisable character? That’s from the original AE86 of 1983; a car that has become a cult classic (and also the generational inspiration behind the 86’s name).

It’s easy to see that the 86 family as we know it today comes with a rich history of Toyota performance and design.