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Toyota Drive Happy Project

Leave Your Car Buying Bothers Behind.

Buying a new car can be a real bother. So Toyota removed these pain points with the Toyota Drive Happy Project. Our customer-centric approach makes researching, choosing, buying and owning a vehicle a thoroughly enjoyable process.

Toyota Driveaway Value comes with every new Toyota*

This value package includes on-road costs and Toyota Care Service Advantage.

Service Advantage has been designed to help you receive the best value during your vehicle’s first five years of ownership. It consists of up to:
• 5 years warranty (if scheduled servicing is met)
• 5 years roadside assistance (if scheduled servicing is met)
• 5 years Warrant of Fitness coverage
• 5 years (or 60,000km) of capped price service coverage.

Toyota Driveaway Prices (TDP)

We’re making the new car buying process more transparent, by being more upfront about our pricing information. In other words, we tell you how much the car will actually cost, including the on-road costs, before you get into the process of evaluating it, taking it for a test drive and so on. This upfront, haggle-free price is called the Toyota Driveaway Price because it includes the price of the car, all pre-delivery costs, the warrant of fitness, registration, a full tank of fuel, (and with a diesel vehicle, 1,000km of road user charges) and even floormats.

Toyota Driveaway Prices also include Toyota Driveaway Value, which is a package designed to give you the best value for up the first five years of ownership. This includes up to five years' warranty and capped price servicing, which means you'll pay the same price for each service. It’s a perfect example of ‘what you see is what you get’ – and the Toyota Driveaway Price will be the same at every store throughout New Zealand and online too.

No pressure to buy

The ‘hard sell’ is a thing of the past. Now our staff are rewarded for happy customers, not just for hitting their sales targets. They’re trained to offer hospitality and a great customer experience, making the new car buying process as easy, welcoming and pressure-free as possible.

We want you to buy a new car on your terms. If you want to take your time or if it’s not perfect for you, no problem. We’ll order your specific car when you’re ready. To make this happen, we’re taking all the new vehicle stock out of our dealerships, and will now hold it all at three pools around the country instead – Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. That way, no store will be under pressure to sell a car it’s had in stock for too long. By removing new vehicle stock, customers will also no longer be limited to the 20-30 vehicles on a dealership’s yard, but rather have their choice of the several thousand in Toyota’s nationwide stock.

More test drive options

Test drives can sometimes feel like stress drives. It’s hard to have the time to really get to know your vehicle – so we’re looking at 15 minute, extended, overnight and even weekend test drives. You can take a car for a spin on your lunch break or even take it home to see if it’ll fit your garage – and your lifestyle. Flexible test drives will be available subject to the availability of the vehicle and at the discretion of the Toyota Store. Please get in touch with your Toyota Vehicle Consultant if you’d like to learn more about our flexible test drive options.

No buyer's remorse

It can happen. You buy it, and then...regret it. That’s why every new Toyota comes with seven-day money back options* to put your mind at ease. The vehicle will need to be returned with fewer than 500km travelled and in original new vehicle condition, and replacement options will be provided. It’s just another way we’re ensuring you can buy with a high degree of confidence in the process.

*Purchased from an Authorised Toyota Store.

We call this the Toyota Drive Happy Project, and we’re confident it’s going to change the way people buy new cars, forever. To find out more about the Toyota Drive Happy Project, visit your local Authorised Toyota Store.