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Future Focused


The future of products in the new era of mobility is exciting as Toyota transforms from being a traditional car company to a mobility company.

The future of mobility is not just about developing more cars, but about human movement and mobility for all.

Our global mission is to ‘help give all people the freedom to move’.

The idea of using robots in our lives is still the stuff of science fiction. However, it is not that far away from reality – the incredible e-palette concept introduced at CES this year will be operating in Japan in 2020 for the Olympic Games.

In the past few issues of Believe magazine we have highlighted some of the products that have been developed, and we thought we’d take this opportunity to again showcase some products we could be selling in our showrooms in the not too distant future.


Toyota has partnered with Dean Kamen (inventor of the Segway) and this is what’s been developed – a serious mobility solution for the disabled community. The I-Bot could easily climb up and down stairs; it’s agility is incredible – you’d need a specialist in the showroom for delivering this.


Short for Blind-aid, Blaide is a possible solution for indoor navigation for people with visual impairments. The robotics group began thinking of ways to assist blind people with independent travel, and people are already testing the Blaide.


I-Road is an ultra-compact and eco-friendly concept that combines the potential of both cars and motorcycles – the agility of a motorcycle with the safety and comfort of a car – based on the future of urban transport. It’s just 870mm wide, EV powered – ZEV.


And finally, a concept with four wheels but anything but a traditional car – the TOYOTA Concept-i. Designed at the Calty design studio in California and revealed at CES last year, it’s our best effort in developing our vision for the car of the future, and inspiring a whole new design and technology philosophy. The Concept-i takes engagement between you and a piece of technology to a completely new level, and revolves around a trust and loyalty relationship. The Concept-i comes to life through Yui; like Siri, she’s the concierge between you, your passengers and your car. Yui, with the support of artificial intelligence, anticipates your needs so the car can consider and execute the next action. Like the Amazon Alexa, the Concept-i is an intelligent piece of technology that has the ability to learn, so just keeps getting smarter by getting to know you and your needs.

While this provides a recap, through two new companies we’ve created, TOYOTA Connected, TRI and Artificial Intelligence Ventures will help Toyota to grow our understanding of emerging technologies. Toyota Connected’s goal is to collect data.
It does this by leveraging the power of the internet and creating a platform that can process the huge amount of data generated from people, the environment and the vehicle. The collection of data will allow us to connect cars and provide services like we’ve never imagined... including autonomy.