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Hybrid Camry Protects With Toyota's Advanced Technology




Toyota's Hybrid Camry offers a state-of-the-art braking system with brake-by-wire technology and regenerative braking. There's also a comprehensive passive safety package with eight airbags for all around protection.


Hybrid Camry's Electronically Controlled Brake system (ECB) effectively coordinates the regenerative braking force from the hybrid motor with the vehicle's hydraulic brakes.

During braking, Hybrid Camry achieves the required braking force using either the hybrid system's regenerative brake system alone or with the addition of an electronically controlled hydraulic braking system. This balance of electronic and mechanical braking ensures Hybrid Camry stops effectively, while recovering as much kinetic energy as possible into the hybrid battery.

Like all Camry models, Hybrid Camry has a brake control system with ABS, Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) to optimise brake-force distribution regardless of vehicle load, and Brake Assist (BA) as standard equipment.

Hybrid Camry has Toyota New Zealand's first Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management (VDIM) system, for increased active safety performance. VDIM combines control of the electronic throttle, Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), Electric Power-assisted Steering (EPS), Traction Control (TRC) and anti-lock braking systems.

It uses high-speed computer technology to seamlessly combine previously separate technologies to anticipate any loss of traction to provide enhanced grip in many situations.

VSC is a skid control system that provides optimal traction in cornering. It complements Hybrid Camry's anti-lock braking system for optimal traction and stability when braking, countering any under-steer (loss of front wheel grip) or over-steer (loss of rear wheel grip). TRC delivers optimum stability when accelerating.

The VDIM system also has a cooperative control function that lets the stability control system interact with Hybrid Camry's electric power steering system. This allows the vehicle to provide steering assistance to the driver, helping them to avoid an accident.

Toyota developed VDIM as part of its philosophy of providing the best possible range of active safety technologies.


Toyota's Hybrid Camry has impressive passive safety, making it the smart choice for business and private buyers.

Hybrid Camry has eight airbags with protection offered by driver and passenger front, side and front and rear curtain shield airbags.

Pre-tensioning and force-limiting front seatbelts help to achieve a better distribution of the loads imposed on the driver's body by the safety restraint systems, reducing the chance of secondary injury.

Child seat tether anchor points are available for all three rear seating positions.

A number of measures have been adopted to control body deformation in a collision, while maintaining the structural integrity of the high strength cabin.

Inside, Hybrid Camry has head impact-absorbing structures for the inner materials of the pillar garnishes and roof headlining.

Unique to hybrid models, the hybrid high-voltage system is switched off in the event of a collision.