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Prado Protects with Comprehensive Safety Package

Toyota's new Land Cruiser Prado is equipped with one of the most comprehensive, technically advanced ranges of active and passive, on and off road safety features ever launched by Toyota, to make driving more enjoyable as well as safer.


Prado's active safety credentials begin with its new underpinnings, including torque sensing full time 4WD, a wider track, double-wishbone front suspension, electronically modulated Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS) (VX and VX Limited only) and a large brake package.

In addition, Prado has a brake control system with ABS, Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) to optimise brake-force distribution regardless of vehicle load, and Brake Assist (BA) as standard equipment.

Additionally, Prado models with the Off Road Package have a new ABS system that 'reads' the road to determine the best slip ratio for optimum deceleration both on and off the road.

It is designed to improve braking feel and optimise control and stopping distances during off-road driving and works only when L4 range is selected.

The new multi-terrain ABS can detect the type of road conditions based on the grip level - including sandy, muddy, gravel and dirt roads.

Multi-terrain ABS uses information from engine computer, wheel speed sensors and the VSC system's G-sensor to differentiate road surfaces.

It then selects the appropriate slip ratio control logic, according to the road surface.

All new Prado models have Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and Active Traction Control (A-TRC).

A VSC cut-off switch allows drivers to deactivate both the VSC and A-TRC to help the vehicle escape from mud, fresh snow or other slippery terrain.

Active TRC provides a high level of grip in off-road driving, without the need to engage the centre differential lock.

All new Prado models with automatic transmission have Hill-start Assist Control (HAC) to prevent the vehicle rolling downhill when taking off on a steep incline.

Downhill Assist Control (DAC) helps automatic models to maintain vehicle speed during steep off road descents.

VX and VX Limited models with the optional off road package have CRAWL control, to control vehicle speed in extreme 4WD situations.

Prado VX and VX Limited models have the additional safety feature of front fog lights.

All new Prado models have a reversing camera and reverse parking sensors. VX and VX Limited models have additional cameras to provide a front and side view of the vehicle, as well as front parking sensors.

VX and VX Limited models have HID low beam headlights. These have a wider and longer illumination range than standard headlights for an expanded field of view. They also have an Adaptive Front-lighting System (AFS), allowing the low beams to swivel in response to steering angle and vehicle speed, letting you literally see around corners.

Prado VX Limited has a pre-crash safety system with dynamic radar cruise control.

These systems use a millimetre wavelength radar sensor at the front of the vehicle to track the relative speed, distance and angle to objects ahead of new Prado.

The pre-crash safety system alerts the driver if a collision is likely, and then reacts by retracting the front seatbelts and arming the pre-crash brake assist system to improve braking performance.

In an extreme situation, it can apply the brakes even if the driver has not touched the brake pedal.

Using a millimetre wave radar located behind the front grille, VX Limited scans the road ahead, constantly searching for obstacles.

Linked with the pre-crash safety system, the top-of-the-line model features a dynamic radar cruise control system.

The dynamic radar cruise control system helps the driver maintain an appropriate distance from the vehicle in front - particularly useful on highways.

It can automatically slow the vehicle to maintain the desired distance from another vehicle and automatically accelerate back to the set cruise control speed when the road ahead is clear.


Toyota's new Prado has increased passive safety, with an all new body, redesigned frame and 11 SRS airbags.

Collisions between a tall vehicle such as a 4WD and a passenger car often result in the taller vehicle riding up and over the car, causing excessive damage to the smaller vehicle. To counter this, Toyota has a policy of ensuring that the safety systems of both vehicles involved in a collision are used to their maximum potential.

That's why the front crumple zone section of the new Prado's frame is set at a height equivalent to that of an average passenger car, while the frame and body have been designed to effectively channel and absorb impact energies to help protect all parties involved.

A number of measures have been adopted to control body deformation in a collision, while maintaining the structural integrity of the high strength cabin.

Inside, new Prado has head impact-absorbing structures for the inner materials of the pillar garnishes and roof headlining.

Prado has 11 SRS airbags. All models have front SRS airbags (with driver's side two stage deployment), front side airbags, a driver's knee airbag, and full length (three row) curtain shield airbags.

The knee airbag works together with the front airbags and pre-tensioning front seatbelts to achieve a better distribution of the loads imposed on the driver's body by the safety restraint systems.

Prado's front, side and curtain shield airbags have a 'safing' sensor, helping to ensure they are not accidentally deployed as a result of severe inclines during off road driving.

Front seats feature a new framework which is based on the WIL (Whiplash Injury Lessening) concept that alleviates impact to the passenger's jaw and neck area in the event of a rear end collision.

Active front headrests move forwards and upwards in the event of a rear end collision, helping to further reduce whiplash.

ISO fixing points and child seat tether anchors are found on the second row of seats.


The bonnet, cowl and front guards of the all new Prado have been specifically designed to absorb as much as possible in the event of a collision with a pedestrian.

The bonnet features a deep, energy absorbing profile incorporating longitudinal reinforcement ribs. Crush points and holes have been provided behind the bonnet striker reinforcement to maintain an ample impact absorption zone.

The front guard mounting brackets feature crush points for effective energy absorption, and the guards themselves incorporate energy absorbing protectors, the construction of which is designed to slip down in the event of a head impact, reducing the force sustained by the pedestrian.