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Toyota Roadside Assistance - Details of Service

Toyota Roadside Assistance benefit is included in all new Toyota Vehicle Insurance policies from 8 May 2023.


  •  Callouts are unlimited
  •  Cover applies to the specified vehicle regardless who is driving
  •  Fuel delivery up to $20, excluding LPG and CNG (refer to section - Out of fuel)
  •  $100 (inclusive GST) towards a locksmith callout for labour only (refer section - Locked out services)

Flat batteries

  • A battery jump start will be provided.
  • If a jump start is unsuccessful the vehicle will be towed to the nearest repairer or Toyota Store
  • If a jump start is unsuccessful and unable to be towed to nearest repairer or Toyota Store:
  • An arrangement to supply and fit a new battery (at the driver’s expense)

Locked out

  • A service provider will be sent to unlock the vehicle.
  • If the vehicle cannot be unlocked, it will be recovered to the nearest repairer or Toyota Store.

Lost/broken keys

  • In the case of a lost key which requires the services of a locksmith, the maximum contribution for the callout is $100.00 (incl. GST). This applies to the labour content only - the cost of the key will be at the driver's expense.

Towing in the event of roadside breakdowns


Where the vehicle cannot be made mobile at roadside following a breakdown, recovery will be provided to the nearest repairer or nearest Toyota Store.

After Hours Towing

Towing and appropriate vehicle storage arrangements will be made (where available) until the Nominated Vehicle can be delivered to the nearest facility under the above criteria.

Caravans/Trailer towing:

Towing will be provided for caravans or any other form of trailer body that require towing whilst being towed by any Nominated Vehicle. All transport expenses to get the vehicle and any trailer body to its destination, provided they can be transported by one standard towing vehicle, will be met. Any additional costs i.e. storage of any caravan or any other form of trailer body is at the expense of the Driver.

On-tow caravan/trailer limits:

Caravans and trailers on tow up to a maximum 7 metres in length (excluding tow-bar), 2.44 metres wide and/or 3 metres high.

Flat tyres

  • A damaged tyre/wheel will be changed with a serviceable spare providing it is roadworthy and compatible
  • If there is no serviceable spare arrange recovery to the nearest tyre facility (at the driver’s expense)

Out of fuel

  • Excluding LPG & CNG - fuel delivery and the cost of up to $20 of liquid fuel is covered
  • If fuel delivery is not possible, a tow will be provided to the nearest service station.
  • CNG & LPG - Recovery of the vehicle will be provided to the nearest facility to provide the relevant gas; the vehicle recovery will be at the expense of the driver.

Wrong fuel

  • In the case of the vehicle being incorrectly fuelled, a tow will be organised to the nearest repairer or Toyota Store at the driver's expense. 

Additional benefits

Bogged vehicle

Service will be provided to Nominated Vehicles stranded on a trafficable road where no special equipment such as power winches or extended cables etc. are required.

Glass/windscreen cover

A damaged or broken side window can be replaced at roadside with a temporary flexi plastic side window to enable the vehicle to be safely driven. This service is available from 7am to 12am (midnight) depending on the area, and may not be available in some areas.

Request for assistance

  • Toyota Roadside Assistance is 24 hours and can be contacted on 0800 900 505
  • You will need to supply the provider with the following information:

-Your registration number of the vehicle

-Your location and if possible a telephone number you can be contacted on

-Brief descriptions of emergency and nature of help required

  • You will need to wait with the vehicle after you have contacted Toyota Roadside Assistance

Toyota Roadside Assistance does not apply to: 

  • Vehicles weighing over 3.5 tonnes
  • Vehicles over 2.3 meters in width
  • Vehicles over 6.0 meters in length
  • Vehicles where the wheel span is less than 1.8 meters wide
  • Snow chain fitting
  • Unroadworthy vehicles
  • Vehicles in an accident
  • Non-trafficable roads
  • Vehicles in the following locations: Chatham Islands, Kermadec Islands, Solander Islands, Three Kings Islands, Solander Islands, D’Uvrille Island, Arapawa Island, Motiti Island and Great Barrier Island

Policy period

  • If your Toyota Vehicle Insurance Policy is cancelled by either you or Toyota Insurance, Toyota Roadside Assistance will automatically cancel.