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One Toyota - One Fleet Solution

These days more and more businesses are operating on both sides of the Tasman. So it's good to know the synergies within the Toyota family can help deliver integrated transport and fleet management solutions.

For any business operating across both Australia and New Zealand, it’s clear there are going to be advantages in simplifying and consolidating their transport, fleet and finance inputs. And that's exactly where One Toyota comes in.

Under that umbrella, Toyota Fleet Management in Australia and New Zealand are working together to provide customers with a single service solution spanning the two countries. In other words, a one-stop shop.

A number of companies, including high profile car rental and construction businesses, are part of a growing customer base utilising elements of the One Toyota philosophy.

"As fleet requirements and contracts come up for review, that is the perfect time to talk to us about how One Toyota can help."

Brent Knight, Managing Director of TFS NZ.

Internally, the implementation of One Toyota is supported by an annual trans-Tasman conference, when the key managers from around the Toyota group get together and review best practice across both countries and work on how to evolve even better integration in terms of a stronger, more holistic offering.