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Pacific Toyota

Keep’n it green!

Pacific Toyota is officially in the green scene, we’re actively finding ways to minimise our environmental impact throughout our business. We’re sustainably focused and committed to Keep’n it green!

We're innovative thinkers here at Pacific Toyota




Our strong sustainable focus is across all three of our stores in the Bay of Plenty. We even have an in-house Environmental Champion who is constantly finding innovative ways to reduce our environmental impact.

Our Toitū partnership shows our environmental leadership


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At Pacific Toyota, we align with Toitū’s belief and message “Toitū is to care for the life of this place, our people and our future” We are proud to be Toitū Enviromark diamond certified. Having an independently certified environmental management system means our ‘green’ commitment is backed by robust and verifiable operational activity.

Pacific Toyota is part of Toyota’s global initiative where 6 challenges have been set to reduce the environmental impact, then move to a net positive impact by 2050. Here at Pacific Toyota we support these 6 challenges at a local level with our own systems and initiatives which underpin our commitment to being Toitū certified.

Toyota’s Global challenges

Three of the six challenges focus on CO2:

1. Reduce vehicle CO2 emissions by 90% with low or Zero CO2 emissions (hybrid, plug-in hybrid, electric and fuel cell vehicles) and encourage their adoption.
2. Eliminate CO2 emissions in all stages of a car’s life cycle (resource extraction, parts/vehicle manufacturing, fuel production and consumption, driving, disposal and recycling)
3. Cut CO2 emissions to zero at manufacturing plants by developing low CO2 technologies, prompting energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy and hydrogen.

Two challenges deal with resources:

4. Minimise the consumption of water used and ensure high water quality is discharged back into the environment by focusing on efficiency, reuse and purification.

5. Use resources efficiently to create a recycling based society with eco-friendly materials, longer lasting parts, an expansion of recycling technology and the manufacture of new vehicles from end-of-life vehicles.

The last challenge provides broader value to society:

6. Collaborate with other businesses, government and non government organisations, and local communities to conserve natural systems, plant trees and promote environmental education and awareness.

We are part of the Water Watchers programme




Pacific Toyota is proud to support the Water Watchers programme for water conservation in Tauranga City.  We’re mindful of how we use water and are adapting our water use habits to make sure we’re not taking more water than is necessary.  This year round initiative supports our local community, and helps Tauranga City maintain sustainable levels of water for everyone.

We are Keep’n it green with our E-Waste Station




Did you know you can recycle your e-waste for free at our Tauranga dealership?

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Here at Pacific Toyota, we are proudly offering our staff, customers, and our community a place, where you can recycle your e-waste.
We are pushing hard to minimise our waste across all levels. You can now recycle your keyboards, cables, leads, mice, household batteries (remote batteries for cars too!), mobile phones, and ink cartridges. It’s currently placed in Tauranga collecting up all of our E-waste, so keep an eye out, it could be just around the corner from you. Our staff love it, the environment thanks us for it and we hope we make your recycling regime a tad bit easier.

Environmental Initiatives


  • We made the switch! We’ve replaced all our service loan vehicles to hybrid vehicles! This allows customers to try out these innovative vehicles and gives an opportunity for our service advisors to educate customers on hybrid cars and give our customers eco-driving tips.
  • Provide an onsite charging station and parking for Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles.
  • Every year we donate trees, last year, we donated 50 trees to Trees that Count.
  • All contractors are put through a thorough induction process to ensure they follow responsible environmental processes.
  • We have a viable repurposing process for our end of life tyres.
  • We recycle hazardous waste (dpf filters, oil filters, used oil, coolant, solvents, air bags, batteries).
  • Run monthly reports measuring performance on power consumption. We’ve decreased power consumption as an average across all 3 sites comparative to 2018 for 2019’s year annual usage by 9.11%.
  • Conduct site inspections to ensure compliance with new regulations by our in-house Environmental Champion.
  • Regular washbay water quality checks to ensure compliance with local council standards.
  • We have our own dedicated Health, Safety & Environmental committee who meet regularly to brainstorm and implement new innovative ways to help achieve our challenges.

Many more to come, Watch this green space! 

Do you want your idea to be discussed at our next environmental committee meeting?

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