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Business High Use Warranty

We offer a Business High Use Warranty for hard working Toyota vehicles that travel over 40,000km per year, to help mitigate the cost of any unforeseen mechanical or electrical failure.

Our Toyota Care Business High Use Warranty has been specifically designed for those hard working vehicles that travel high kilometres. We accommodate vehicles from taxis, to rentals, and other Toyota vehicles intended for business use that travel more than 40,000km per year. With flexible time and kilometre durations, our Business High Use Warranty is that extra peace of mind you are looking for when using your vehicle for business purposes.


The warranty is available for all Toyota vehicles first registered in New Zealand, or imported from Japan or Australia, that have travelled less than 160,000kms at the time of purchasing a the Business High Use Warranty.

Vehicles eligible include, but are not limited to taxi, Uber, courier, rentals, and security vehicles and any other vehicle intended for business use that travels more than 40,000km per year.


The design of the Business High Use Warranty includes a generous and flexible kilometre allowance per year of warranty, and a low excess of only $150 per claim. Up to four years or 200,000km* of Business High Use Warranty coverage can be purchased for added protection for your vehicle. This means, for every year of warranty purchased, up to 50,000km coverage is included. For example, if you want three years of Business High Use cover, your warranty will be for three years or 150,000km whichever occurs first.

The Business High Use Warranty extends the cover of the Hybrid high voltage battery of Toyota hybrid vehicles used for business purposes, as the cover of the Toyota New Vehicle Hybrid Warranty is extended for the duration of the Business High Use Warranty. The Business High Use Warranty adds extra value to your vehicle and further peace of mind as a Toyota business customer.

AA Motoring RoadserviceRoadside Assistance

For further peace of mind, the Business High Use Warranty comes with breakdown benefits that includes an additional towing allowance for vehicle transport. With 24/7 access to the toll free number, the AA will be right there to get you and your vehicle back on the road. You will also receive an AA Roadside Assistance window sticker that will be placed on your rear ‘most-side’ window.


All Business High Use vehicles will require a pre-inspection before a warranty can commence.

What is a pre-inspection?

A pre-inspection ensures that your vehicle is fit for purpose, road-worthy, and has no pre-existing conditions or faults that could deem your warranty invalid, should a claim be made.

A pre-inspection is a comprehensive check of various components. Once assessed by a trained Toyota technician, the inspection will identify if the vehicle is eligible for an extended warranty, or if there are items requiring attention before the purchase of an extended warranty. If any items have been identified as requiring replacement or repair, the cost will be at the care of the owner. All pre-existing faults are excluded from warranty coverage irrespective of a pre-inspection being completed or not.

Increasing your Vehicle's Value

Fully transferable to the next owner, a Business High Use Warranty is a valuable investment adding potential resale value to your vehicle.

Servicing your vehicle

To keep your Business High Use Warranty valid, your vehicle must be serviced in accordance with the Toyota recommended service schedule at an Authorised Toyota Store or Service Agent, throughout the duration of the warranty.

Keeping your warranty valid couldn’t be easier with a Toyota Care Service Plan!

Eliminate vehicle stress by purchasing an extended warranty along with a service plan for additional peace of mind and ease of driving. Speak with your local Toyota store now or call us on 0800 TOYOTA (0800 689682).