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Service Plans

Toyota vehicles have a great reputation for being reliable. It’s no secret that regular servicing extends a vehicle’s life and maximises performance and safety. All vehicles require regular servicing to keep them running well.


Toyota Service Plans cover the parts and labour costs associated with the regular servicing of the inspected, adjust, or replace items at each service interval identified in our recommended service schedules.

Service Plan Benefits

  • Tailored servicing
  • Maintain your vehicle in peak condition through correct servicing
  • Ensures the vehicle warranty remains valid
  • Toyota Genuine Parts and Service
  • All service work is completed by qualified and specially trained Toyota technicians
  • Bulk discounts available on Toyota Care Scheduled Service Plans
  • Can be added to your finance or lease package

Recommended service intervals for your vehicle

Toyota New Zealand’s recommended service schedule for the majority vehicles is every 15,000km or 12 months, whichever occurs first under normal operating conditions. Your local Toyota store can schedule services to your particular vehicle and the way you use it.

Toyota Service Plans exclusions are limited to the scheduled service inspect or replace items. For example, damage, warranty failures/repairs, wear and tear items such as brake pads and air filters are not covered. For more extensive cover please see Full Maintenance Service Plans.

Toyota Care Service Plans

A Toyota Care Service Plan is designed to extend the life of your vehicle, maximising the performance and safety while offering the convenience of tailored, pre-paid servicing. 


Toyota Care Service Plans are available for all NZ new Toyota vehicles first registered in New Zealand produced from 2005 onwards.


Scheduled Service Plans

  • Full Electronic Health Check and Inspection as detailed in our Service Schedule maintaining the validity of your warranty
  • Follows the Toyota recommended service schedule
  • Labour costs for all inspect, adjust and items scheduled for replacement
  • Genuine Parts for all items scheduled for replacement, e.g. engine oil and filter, brake fluid, spark plugs
  • Inspect items that require replacement are not covered, and would be customer pay.

Full Maintenance Service Plans

  • Everything included in the Toyota Care scheduled service plan, plus all maintenance items required to keep your vehicle in great working order
  • Labour and parts costs for all replacement items as determined by your trained Toyota technician
  • Examples of maintenance items include wiper blades, batteries and brake pads
  • Follows the Toyota recommended service schedule keeping your warranty valid
  • Genuine Parts guaranteed
  • Includes all non-routine maintenance items e.g. air filter, brake pads, windscreen wipers etc.


For more information on service plans and that will best suit your vehicle and driving needs, please contact your local Toyota store, alternatively you can call us on 0800 TOYOTA (0800 869 682).