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Hey Toyota, when can I drive my new car?

With you until you get the keys

Supply chain disruptions have caused a bit of a traffic jam in our production line, resulting in longer delivery estimates across our range. But don’t worry – let our team help you get your order in. It’ll be worth the wait.


Pop into your nearest Toyota Store

Our friendly team can help you choose the Toyota that's right for you and give you an idea of when you’ll get the keys in your hands. Wait time estimates are the same across every store, so the sooner you get your order in, the faster your new Toyota will arrive.

Congratulations! It's in the queue.

Once you’ve signed your offer to purchase and/or paid a stakeholder payment, we’ll be in touch with regular updates on your car’s journey from production to delivery.

Something changed? We’ll let you know. 

Delivery times can vary and can lead to specification or price changes to the model you’ve ordered.  We’ll share any news with you as soon as we know.

Ready, set, almost there!

Once your Toyota has come off the production line, it’ll start its journey to New Zealand. Your local Store will be in touch once it has hit our shores. It won’t be long before the keys will be in your hands.

Worth their wait

We take pride in the process we undergo to create high quality, reliable and durable cars. For some of our more popular models, it may take a little while, but it'll be worth the wait once you get behind the wheel.

Getting you on the road with the complete package

Toyota Driveaway Price is the amount you’ll pay to get on the road and stay there in your new Toyota. It includes all on-road and registration costs, as well as a full tank of gas so you're ready to roll. Plus, you'll also receive Service Advantage, which will give you up to 5 years of worry free ownership.

*Toyota Driveaway Price Terms and Conditions

Toyota Driveaway Price Terms and Conditions Warranty extension, WOF coverage and additional year of Roadside Assistance only validated if Scheduled Servicing is met through an Authorised Toyota Dealer or Service Agent. Warranty extension is for up to 5 years or 150,000km, whichever occurs first, under normal operating conditions. Capped price service coverage applies to servicing carried out at 15,000km, 30,000km, 45,000km and 60,000km only or time intervals of 12 months, 24 months, 36 months and 48 months only, whichever occurs first, under normal operating conditions. Prices and specifications subject to change at any time.

Toyota Driveaway Price excludes any fee, levy or rebate that applies by law to your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

What vehicles are you re-opening orders for?

We are very excited to be reopening orders for Corolla Hatch, Corolla Cross, Yaris Cross Hybrid Limited, and RAV4 Hybrid grades.

Why are you reopening orders for these new vehicles?

As these are some of our most popular models, we wanted to ensure all our customers had the chance to order one. We have been experiencing a lot of supply chain disruptions, but we are now at a point where we can start taking orders again.

Why is there such a long wait time?

Currently, most new vehicles coming into NZ, due to high demand, are being ordered then made at the factory. Delivery times are variable and include the time it takes for each car to be built, checked, and delivered. We also need to make sure it’s in perfect condition when it arrives. Plus, delayed shipping and logistic issues are causing extra hold-ups. But we’re doing everything we can to get orders out to our valued customers ASAP.

Are there ways to reduce the wait time?

That depends if we have your new car in stock or if we need to get it ready. If your order is very specific, with a particular colour, accessories, or extras, it will take a little longer to prepare. Your Toyota Store can make suggestions, such as eclipse, instead of deep-sea blue. But it’s your car, so it’s your choice.

What is the delivery process if I order today?

Once the wait is over, and the vehicle is in the country, it will head to your local Toyota store for preparation and fit any accessories you may have arranged. The store will keep you up to date, and let you know when your vehicle is ready for collection to handover the keys as well as remind you of all the great features with your new vehicle!

Will the price of the vehicle remain the same once it’s on its way?

With these orders many months in advance of production there is a good likelihood that the final pricing or specifications may change from the estimates provided today. If anything changes, we will let you know. There’s no risk to you because if you don’t like a price change, we can always cancel the offer to purchase.

What is a Stakeholder Payment?

The Stakeholder Payment is made by you, to your Toyota Store, and then held by the Toyota Store for the benefit of Toyota and you as stakeholder until the remainder of the payment for your new vehicle is paid. The Stakeholder Payment is 100% refundable.