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Toyota Test Drive Tips


Let’s go for a drive


You’ve done your research and chosen a car. Now it’s time to get behind the wheel and experience it first-hand. When it comes to the test drive, we’re here to make sure you have an enjoyable experience and to answer all your questions. There’s never any pressure to buy, thanks to the Drive Happy project.

Whether it’s your first test drive or your tenth, this experience will be everything you need to make a fully informed decision. So bring your valid drivers licence, questions, grab a coffee, and get ready to take your car for a spin!


1. Write down your questions

With so much to learn about the car, it's a good idea to write down what questions you might have. What features are most important to you? Apart from your day-to-day driving, is there anything else you are going to use the car for? 


2. Rate your must haves

Put together a list of things that you need your car to do. Use a scale of 1 – 5 to score the car on these qualities when your test drive is done and see how it measures up.


3. Choose the test drive you want

If you’d like to do more than just a quick drive around the local area to see how it might fit into your lifestyle, we have a variety of flexible test drive options. Please get in touch with your local store to discuss flexible test drive options.


4. See if the car fits your lifestyle

Drive it the way you’ll use it. Whether it’s through traffic on your daily commute, carrying a heavy load or with your family packed in – our flexible test drive options can help.


5. Choose your accessories

Tailor your car to your needs with a tow bar, cargo mats and more. Toyota's got you covered with a huge range of accessories for whatever life throws at you. Ask the consultant about what accessories are available for your car.


6. Get finance sorted

Calculating your finance beforehand means you can save time when discussing finance options after your test drive.

Calculate Finance

Test Drive Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I take a car for a test drive?

We offer a variety of options to suit. Learn more about our Flexible test drive options.

Can I take the car home during my test drive?

Yes you can! Taking it home means you can see how it handles on your daily drive and how well it’s suited to your needs. An overnight test drive option is available too. Contact your store to discuss flexible test drive options.

Will the car fit in the garage?

There’s only one way to find out. Flexible test drive was designed so you can make sure your car is the right fit – for you, and your garage!

Can I take my car for a test drive on a long journey?

It's important to know how your car handles on long journeys or the open road. Contact your store to discuss this flexible test drive option further.

Can I show my partner, my kids what the car is like?

It’s important for your family to also love the new car. When you bring it home with Flexible test drive, you can check how the car seat or bikes fit, and your family can have the chance to experience it too!

Can I test drive the car on my own?

Yes, just let your local Toyota store know ahead of time and we can arrange it for you.

Can the Toyota Vehicle consultant accompany me on my test drive?

Yes, just let your local Toyota store know ahead of time if you’d like your Toyota Vehicle Consultant to ride along, and we can arrange it for you.

Where do I go if I need further information about the car's features?

If you’re keen to do more research before getting behind the wheel, read up on your chosen car here.

Drive Happy Project

Flexible test drive*

We offer options for 15 minute, extended, overnight and even weekend test drives so you can have the time to really get to know your car. Take the car around town, on the open road, or even take it home to show your family or see if it’ll fit in your garage – and your lifestyle. Please get in touch with your Toyota Vehicle Consultant if you’d like to learn more.

*Subject to availability of car and at discretion of store

Toyota Driveaway Price

What you see is what you get – we tell you how much the car will actually cost, including all on-road costs, before you get into the process of evaluating it, taking it for a test drive and so on. Everybody gets the same upfront, haggle-free Driveaway Price, and it’s the same at every store throughout New Zealand and online. For the best value, we include Toyota Service Advantage too.

Toyota Driveaway Value

This value package includes on-road costs and Service Advantage.

Service Advantage has been designed to help you receive the best value during your car’s first five years of ownership. It consists of up to:
• 5 years warranty (if scheduled servicing is met)
• 5 years roadside assistance (if scheduled servicing is met)
• 5 years Warrant of Fitness coverage
• 5 years (or 60,000km) of capped price service coverage.

Bringing it all together


Compare Cars

Toyotas come in all shapes and sizes. Compare models and features to make sure you’ve found the best value and fit for your needs.


Calculate Finance

We've made finding the Finance that's right for you simple with our Finance Calculator. Calculating this beforehand means you can save time when discussing your options after your test drive.

Calculate Finance

Get an Insurance Quote

Toyota Vehicle Insurance is a comprehensive insurance package including 3 years full vehicle replacement for new Toyotas*, Toyota genuine parts and repair guarantee, Toyota Roadside Assistance and more. 

Get a Quote *Learn more