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The Supra Legend Returns

Inspired by over 40 years of rich heritage, the all-new Toyota GR Supra delivers our purest sports car experience yet. With an exhilarating blend of power, agility and handling, it offers enthusiasts a new level of driving pleasure even at the limits of its performance.

Race in the GR Supra GT Cup from your lounge

This one-make E-Sports series is on the quest to find the world's best GR Supra driver on Gran Turismo Sport. Just jump on your PlayStation ® 4 before each race to enter each of the 7 rounds. It all starts on April 26th at the Fuji Speedway.

Detailed information including the circuits and race starting times are available on the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing official website. Who is the fastest? Have fun and stay safe!


Purest Experience

The all-new Toyota GR Supra has been designed as a pure sports car that attains the ultimate in driving fun.

Rather than only working toward specifications such as horsepower and circuit lap times, the sports coupe has been crafted to emphasise sensitivity performance, such as the degree to which driving could be felt to be fun, with car and driver becoming one.

Engineered from a Distinguished Heritage

Ever since the Supra’s inception in 1978, all generations have been front-engine, rear-wheel-drive vehicles powered by an inline six-cylinder engine. The latest rendition is no exception. This time around, extensive attention has also been paid to the three fundamental elements of wheelbase, tread, and centre of gravity, thus achieving handling performance befitting a pure sports car.

Racing. It's in Our DNA.

The new Supra is the first global model of TOYOTA GAZOO Racing’s GR sports car series. TOYOTA GAZOO Racing is the organisation that spearheads Toyota's global sporting programme and the development of exclusive, performance-focused, GR-branded road cars.

The knowledge and know-how it has built up over the years have been funnelled into bringing the Supra back to life in the form of the “GR Supra”, as a car that people the world over will find fun to drive.

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