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Ebbett Toyota


There’s No Better Time

After nearly two decades of proven reliability and durability, hybrids are now a part of the normal, daily lives and routines of millions of people worldwide.

No matter what your lifestyle demands, hybrids go about doing their work quietly and efficiently, with minimum fuss. Find out more below!

Explore the Hybrid Range

From the zippy Yaris to the ever so spacious Highlander, you’ll find the perfect fit for your lifestyle in our vast range of Hybrids.

Hybrid Fuel Saving Tips

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you been put off considering a hybrid because of concerns around battery life, driving range or the hassle of having to plug your vehicle in? The Toyota hybrid range puts common misconceptions about hybrids to rest. See our frequently asked questions below:

Servicing & Maintenance

Do hybrids require special maintenance and need more servicing than traditional vehicles?

Hybrid servicing costs are similar to any other Toyota, and they can be serviced at any Authorised Toyota Store.

Our Ebbett Toyota team of specialist Hybrid Technicians know our hybrids inside and out, and are the very best people to look after and maintain your vehicle - helping you enjoy years of trouble-free motoring!

Toyota Hybrid Batteries

How long do high voltage hybrid batteries last?

All Toyota Hybrid vehicles first registered in New Zealand come with our New Vehicle High Voltage Hybrid Battery Warranty that covers this battery for up to 160,000kms or 8 years*.

On New Zealand new and privately imported vehicles (from Japan and Australia only), our Toyota Care Extended Warranties are an effective way to keep your Hybrid Battery covered.

*Whichever occurs first under normal operating conditions.

Travel Distance

Are hybrids suitable for people that have longer commutes?

Unlike electric vehicles that need to be plugged into a power source to be recharged, hybrid cars don’t need to be.

Hybrids run on two power sources, a petrol motor and an electric motor powered by a battery. Because it has a petrol motor, the car still requires fuel to keep it going. But because the electric motor subsidises power, the car needs less fuel.

Keen to know more

Do you have more questions about hybrids? Your questions about hybrids answered by Rav the friendly RAV4.

Contact our Hybrid Specialists

Across our three Ebbett Toyota stores, we have a wealth of automotive experience and a thorough understanding of our hybrid models. Let our expert team find the hybrid solution to fit with whatever your lifestyle requires! Give us a call or pop in one of our three convenient locations across the Waikato Region.