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Ebbett Toyota


Why is a hybrid better?

With rising petrol costs there is no better time to consider the Toyota hybrid range.

Have you been put off considering a hybrid because of concerns around battery life, driving range or the hassle of having to plug your vehicle in? The Toyota hybrid range allows us to put the common misconceptions about hybrids to rest.

No matter what your lifestyle demands, hybrids go about doing their work quietly and efficiently, with the minimum of fuss. The difference to your fuel bills over the life of your car can be significant - even between similar sized vehicles. So, it’s wise to consider a hybrid vehicle. Find out more below!



Do hybrids require special maintenance and need more servicing than traditional vehicles?

Hybrid servicing costs are similar to any other Toyota, and they can be serviced at any authorised Toyota Dealer. Our team of specialist hybrid Technicians, know all our hybrids inside and out and are the very best people to look after and maintain your vehicle, helping you enjoy years of trouble-free motoring.

The Service Advantage package is included with any new Toyota vehicle sold by our Authorised Toyota Network. As a valued customer, we are all about ensuring your needs are met through our products and services. This package has been designed to help you receive the best value during your ownership.

Find out more about Toyota Service Advantage

How long do high voltage hybrid batteries last?

Millions use and enjoy hybrids every day, without thinking twice about their batteries. Over the last eighteen years our batteries have proven themselves fully capable of withstanding the day-to-day rigours of modern city and long-distance driving. 

All Toyota Hybrid vehicles first registered in New Zealand come with our New Vehicle High Voltage Hybrid Battery Warranty that covers this battery for up to 160,000kms or 8 years*.  This also includes the hybrid battery on our Plug-In Hybrid vehicles like the Prius Prime. On New Zealand new and privately imported vehicles (from Japan and Australia only), our Toyota Care extended warranties are an effective way to keep your Hybrid Battery covered throughout the duration of the Toyota Care extended warranty. 


Is there a difference between a high voltage hybrid battery and a 12 volt hybrid battery?

Yes there is! The Toyota Hybrid system has two batteries: High Voltage Hybrid Battery and the 12 Volt Battery (somewhat like a normal non-Hybrid vehicle’s battery). The difference is the high voltage hybrid battery provides a higher voltage to the drive motors in the vehicle that is used to move it forwards and backwards. The 12 volt battery runs the vehicle’s smaller electrical components such as the audio unit and lighting system.


*Whichever occurs first under normal operating conditions.


Are hybrids suitable for people that have longer commutes?

Toyota hybrids have incredible range. For exmple, a Camry Hybrid with a 50 litre tank and 4.2/100km* for the GX and SX and 4.5/100km* for ZR (combined ADR 81/02) fuel efficiency has a potential range of approximately 1,000km. So much for range anxiety!

Explore the Camry Hybrid

Do hybrids need to be plugged in?  

Unlike electric vehicles that need to be plugged into a power source to be recharged, hybrid cars don’t need to be. Hybrids run on two power sources, a petrol motor and an electric motor powered by a battery. Because it has a petrol motor, the car still requires fuel to keep it going. But because the electric motor subsidises power, the car needs less fuel. Less fuel means fewer greenhouse gases being emitted into our atmosphere.

What about Toyota Prius Prime? 

The Toyota Prius Prime Plug-in Hybrid goes one step further it not only self-charges while driving but it also has the option of being able to plug it in to re-charge the electric motor. This means you can plan your trip to drive on electricity and then charge back up so you don’t have to use any petrol. 

Explore the Prius Prime

Hybrid Fuel Saving Tips

Contact Our hybrid specialists

Across our three Ebbett Toyota stores located in Hamilton (flagship store), Morrinsville and Te Awamutu we have a wealth of automotive experience and a thorough understanding of our hybrid models.

The large range of hybrids that Toyota has on offer and the fact that the majority of models are self-charging are what the team sees as Toyota’s competitive advantage in the growing Hybrid market. The team are proud to be able to offer their customers a hybrid solution to fit with whatever their lifestyle requires. 

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*Fuel Consumption figures are tested under controlled conditions and are provided for comparison purposes, actual results will vary according to vehicle usage and operating conditions.