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Ebbett Toyota

Driven by The Drents


Meet the Drent family, Ido, Mandy, Bastion, Elliotte and their newest family member Gav the Rav. The Drents are an action packed family who have been taking their family missions to the next level, exploring the north island in the RAV4 Adventure Grade and RAV4 Limited hybrid.



The Drents recently headed out to Raglan, check out their family road trip and hear their thoughts on adventuring in the RAV4 Limited Hybrid.


Get the inside scoop on Gav the Rav and hear Mandy and Ido’s take on the Adventure model vs Limited Hybrid model.

Q: What do you think about the RAV4 Hybrid model?

Mandy and Ido: We both really love it. It felt exactly the same as Gav (petrol) but then you have the full electric mode which made it completely silent. We originally imagined there would be a performance drop but it feels just as powerful! Then you also have the comfort of knowing it is more fuel efficient... which means more money to spend on other things!

Q: What is everyone’s favourite feature?

Mandy: The seat coolers. I love leather seats with kids because they’re easy to wipe but they get so hot in summer but with the coolers it stops the bum sweats.

Ido: I love the full sunroof! It makes the car feel more spacious.

Q: What’s been your favourite adventure in the RAV4 so far?

Mandy: Definitely the snow. It was so awesome being able to park at the top carpark in fresh snow and not worry about getting stuck!

Ido: I love taking Gav camping! It’s amazing how much you can fit in him and the all-wheel drive meant we could go a little off track to find hidden gems up north!

Q: If you had to choose would you go Adventure Grade or Limited Hybrid model?

Mandy and Ido: Wow, that’s a tricky one! We LOVE the adventure model but would probably go hybrid as we’re not sacrificing any performance and it’s better for the environment and your wallet.