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Toyota New Zealand launches Toyota Mobility Project trial in Nelson


Toyota New Zealand has launched its third innovative mobility project the Toyota Mobility Project, following the launch of the Toyota Hydrogen Project and Waka Aronui earlier this year.  

The Toyota Mobility project supports Toyota’s ambition to lower tailpipe emissions from New Zealand’s transport eco-system by offering innovative mobility services.

The project is an expansion to the car sharing services offered by CityHop, which is Toyota owned.   

The first Toyota Mobility project trial is in partnership with the Bowater Toyota Store in Nelson.

The trial aims to test the mobility service in Nelson as part of Toyota’s ambition to roll out Mobility services to all their customers nationwide. 

“Our vision is to provide affordable and accessible mobility for all kiwis in NZ that may not solely focus on ownership,” says Neeraj Lala, Toyota New Zealand Chief Executive.

“We have been passionate about exploring multiple ways to decarbonise our mobility eco-system for the past decade and this includes through innovative mobility as a service projects.”

“In society, we are moving towards a world where access to mobility will be equally valuable as ownership. In this just transition, Toyota is focused on offering all low emission solutions, and a range of innovative mobility services,” says Neeraj.   

“We believe multiple mobility solutions and technologies will be needed to decarbonise the transport sector, as there are no silver bullets in this tough journey ahead.”

“We are trialling three mobility schemes in New Zealand – two in Auckland and this Mobility Project in Nelson. Each tailored for unique customers which enables us to gather data, test the concept and implement more widely with pace,” says Neeraj.

“The beauty of this scheme is the right vehicle for the right job at the right time. It showcases the potential for a future with less car ownership, less congestion, more flexible mobility and few carbon emissions.”

Toyota is embracing a future where private car ownership is evolving, and access to expensive low emission vehicles is available for all.

“We are so excited about having this trial in Nelson,” says Tony Bowater, Chief Executive of Bowater Toyota.

“It gives our customers, and the wider Nelson community an opportunity to try a different way of being mobile or utilise a vehicle that they need but don’t currently have access to. We have already seen people utilise the fleet for a variety of reasons such as towing on the weekend which is a great way to use this service.”

The Toyota Mobility Project trial in Nelson has a range of vehicles to help meet the variety of users needs included compact hybrids, through to a Hilux with an open tray ute.

Customers in Nelson, or customers travelling into Nelson, can gain access to a fleet of vehicles through a subscription or pay by the hour service. For example, with the subscription service if a customer purchases a $500 pack this gives them 46.66 hours with a hybrid Toyota Raize which equates to just over $10/hr.

Alternatively, they can pay by the hour, which starts at $15 per hour for a hybrid Toyota Raize.  

Fuel is included in the price if customers book a vehicle for under two hours and travel under 70kms. If customers travel over that distance they simply need to bring back the vehicle refueled.

There are currently eight vehicles available for general use, Raize hybrid, Yaris hybrid, Yaris Cross hybrid, CH-R hybrid, RAV4 hybrid, Highlander hybrid, Hilux and a Lexus UX300e. Three of the vehicles require pre-approval, the GR Yaris, GR Supra, and Landcruiser 300.

As digital platforms advance, customer access to vehicles will be improved and new ownership models like those adopted by Toyota are revolutionising how people use and share vehicles.