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Achieve peak performance with Toyota Genuine filters


Whether you drive a Corolla, Hilux, Yaris, or any Toyota, you’ll want a quality filter to ensure your engine performs at its very best. At Toyota, we produce genuine parts, made to high-grade standards that are designed specifically for your vehicle.

We recommend replacing your oil and air filters regularly to extend the performance and life of your Toyota. If you drive in dusty or harsh weather conditions, you should change your engine oil filter and air filter more frequently, either by length of time, distance or as recommended in your owner’s manual.


Is there a wrong kind of filter?

Consider oil filters and air filters to be the primary defence of your engine — they work like vital organs to remove toxins (i.e., dirt or debris) within your environment. When your organs don’t function properly, neither will the rest of your body.

Filters that haven’t been made to the right specification for your car may allow damage to your engine. The wrong fit could mean that toxins can leak through the open gaps. The consequences could lead to the deterioration of your engine or other vehicle components.


Filtering for cleaner performance

Toyota Genuine filters have been designed to capture even the smallest particles and have been made specifically for your Toyota and to Toyota’s stringent specifications.

Toyota Genuine oil filters contain a dual-texture element, rough on the outside, fine on the inside, which filters particles effectively and resists clogging. For added durability, our oil filters have heat-resistant, non-stick acrylic rubber gaskets. The security of the check and relief valves made of durable, heat-resistant rubber allows them to deliver long-lasting stable performance. A non-genuine oil filter may not work the same and could cause damage to your engine. Non-genuine oil filters can be thin, finely meshed, and prone to tearing and clogging. They may use gaskets that easily deform or deteriorate, making them prone to leaks. They could also use poorly constructed fitting faces, which could case engine damage.

Toyota Genuine air filters are multi-layered. They are rough inside and fine outside which allows them to effectively catch particles of different sizes. Unlike single-layered, non-genuine air filters, the multi-layered elements help resist clogging and have a long service life. Due to their high recyclability, Full Fabric Air Filters (FFAF) are now being installed in many Toyota vehicles. It’s worth noting that standard air filters cannot be installed on vehicles equipped with FFAF.


Beware the dangers of counterfeit parts

Counterfeit parts are designed to look like genuine parts but have not been properly designed for the vehicle. Most non-genuine parts vary in quality. They are often made of substandard materials and could possibly use harmful substances. Non-genuine parts also may not go through quality checks and can compromise you and your vehicle’s safety.


Choosing the right filters for your car

There are a surprising number of filters out there to choose from, and due to the sophisticated technology in cars and the growing emphasis on efficiency, it’s becoming even more important to use the right specification parts for your car.

Toyota Genuine filters have been developed alongside all our vehicles. That means quality and performance testing has been made to the same Toyota standards you can trust. We stand behind the quality of all our parts, which is why we also offer a 2-year warranty, honoured by our nationwide Toyota network.

To ensure you’re selecting the right product, talk to our experienced experts at your local Toyota store.