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Toyota Signature Class Used Cars

Signature Class - the next best thing to new


A used car has to be in tip top condition before it’s hand-picked by Toyota buyers and sent off for Signature Class refurbishment. We then assess every inch, polish every panel, and give it our Signature service. Any parts are restored or replaced so precisely that it looks, runs and feels like new.




3 years of free WoF checks


Our as-new standard extends to your WoF, so the first three years of WoF checks are on us.


3 years of AA Roadservice


Every Signature Class car is covered with AA Roadservice for 3 years, and imported cars are also treated to an independent AA Certification check. So you’ll be sorted should you happen to get a flat tyre, leave your lights on all night or lock your keys in the car.


3 years of warranty


We know how sound every Signature Class car is when it re-enters the world. So we offer a full mechanical warranty with unlimited kms. Guaranteed for three years.

Here's why Signature Class are premium used cars

Inspected and selected

Picky from the get-go
Only the finest New Zealand new and imported used cars get a chance to line up for Signature Class status. And our experts only unclip the velvet rope for the absolute best.

No odometer anxiety
All odometer readings on our imports are certified. 

A clean start
The journey to as good as new starts with as clean as new. It’s only once every corner of a Signature Class car has been thoroughly washed and dried that we can properly begin.

Safety checked and refurbished

Exhaustive inspections
We leave no stone unturned on our Signature Class inspections. Elements like suspension, brakes and exhaust get even closer scrutiny. So you can rest easy knowing we’ve got you covered.

Consider your first service done
By the time you get behind the wheel of your Signature Class car, it has already been serviced to Toyota New Zealand’s exacting standards.



Our Toyotas only wear Toyota


Non-Toyota parts on a Toyota vehicle? Not for Signature Class. We remove any unbranded parts, along with anything worn, and replace them with brand new Toyota Genuine Parts.


Precise checks


Like you, we have high standards. That’s why you’ll never see a faded paint job or a scuffed bumper missing some paint. We check, repair, or replace parts so our vehicles are the next best thing to new.


Music to your ears


Every imported Signature Class vehicle is equipped to effortlessly tune into your preferred channel. Set your radio frequency and enjoy your tunes as you embark on your journey. 

Beautiful bodywork

Wax on, wax off. Wax on, wax off. Wax on, wax off.
Waxing and clear-coating a car’s paint extends its life and adds a new car lustre. We do it three times to reach that as-new sweet spot.

Blemish free
It’s not enough for your car to look good. It should look new. Our experts prep, prime and paint all blemishes out until even the bits you never see look new.

Every new Toyota hopes to one day become Signature Class


Only the most well cared for cars are ever chosen for Signature Class. Then they’re inspected, refreshed and polished at every level before they get to wear a Signature Class badge. Take a look at the cars that made the premium Signature Class grade.