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Sustainability and Efficiency

Toyota Fleet Management practices the quality system known as Kaizen.

Kaizen, also known as continuous improvement, is part of Toyota's culture and many New Zealand companies have adopted our recognised practices. Kaizen is about making gradual changes over time to reduce waste and create efficiencies.

All of our staff are required to understand and implement our continuous improvement principles within their roles. To achieve this, our fleet management team constantly review opportunities within your business to quantify savings, suggest vehicle policy improvements and maintain open communication.

Toyota Fleet Management has also been offering greener vehicle options for years. And that’s not just about our market-leading range of hybrids – it’s driven by smarter vehicle choices, efficiencies in fleet management, enhanced driver education and now the latest on board vehicle features.

-          It all adds up to tangible cost savings, improved operational performance and the best part - a smaller carbon footprint for your fleet.