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Toyota Warranties

Warranty Overview

Toyota Warranty is about taking good care of you, as well as your vehicle. Toyota comes with a promise to do what needs to be done, with minimum fuss, maximum value and no surprises. Toyota Warranties are designed for added protection against unexpected mechanical and electrical failure throughout the life of your warranty. Toyota offers a range of extended warranty options to choose from.


New Vehicle Warranty

Your new Toyota automatically comes with a manufacturer’s 3-year or 100,000km warranty (whichever comes first) from the date of first registration.

Toyota Warranty options available

There are warranty options available that are tailored to suit a range of vehicles and usage:


Used Vehicle Warranty

For cars that have travelled less than 225,000km.

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Business High Use Warranty

For hard working Toyota vehicles intended for business use which travel over 40,000km per year; we offer a comprehensive Toyota Care Business High Use Warranty.  

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Benefits of Toyota Warranties

Added peace of mind, Toyota Warranties come with added benefits.

Toyota Hybrid Batteries

How long do high voltage hybrid batteries last?

Millions use and enjoy hybrids every day, without thinking twice about their batteries. Over the last eighteen years our batteries have proven themselves fully capable of withstanding the day-to-day rigours of modern city and long-distance driving.
All Toyota Hybrid vehicles first registered in New Zealand come with our New Vehicle High Voltage Hybrid Battery Warranty that covers this battery for up to 160,000kms or 8 years*. This also includes the hybrid battery on our Plug-In Hybrid vehicles like the Prius Prime. On New Zealand new and privately imported vehicles (from Japan and Australia only), our Toyota extended warranties are an effective way to keep your Hybrid Battery covered throughout the duration of the Toyota extended warranty.


*Whichever occurs first under normal operating conditions.

Is there a difference between a high voltage hybrid battery and a 12 volt hybrid battery?

Yes there is! The Toyota Hybrid system has two batteries: High Voltage Hybrid Battery and the 12 Volt Battery (somewhat like a normal non-Hybrid vehicle’s battery). The difference is the high voltage hybrid battery provides a higher voltage to the drive motors in the vehicle that is used to move it forwards and backwards. The 12 volt battery runs the vehicle’s smaller electrical components such as the audio unit and lighting system.