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Hey Toyota, how do I keep my car in good shape?

Regular servicing helps keep your car on the road


Regular servicing means you’re less likely to have to deal with unexpected repairs down the road. And servicing your car through Toyota ensures your car is maintained by someone who knows your car best, so book in your car’s next service with us.

Explore service options

Service Plus

This is our most popular service as it’s a thorough health check for your car and our technicians undertake preventative maintenance which ensures your car runs efficiently.


Service Lite

This is a basic service that replaces the engine oil and filter and inspecting all under-bonnet fluid levels.

Service Lite is a basic service and does not meet the requirements for vehicles under Toyota warranties.


Warrant of Fitness

Book in for a WoF check and enjoy the option of an easy drop off, courtesy car, or relax in the customer lounge while our Technicians complete the inspection.


Why service your car with Toyota?

You’re putting it in the hands of the person who knows it best. Keep coming back and we’ll really get to know your car and be forewarned of any maintenance needs on the horizon.


Toyota experts and quality guaranteed

You want your Toyota to stay a Toyota. So all service work is carried out by specially trained and qualified Toyota technicians. We only use Toyota Genuine Parts for perfect fit and performance.


Continuity of care

Regular servicing with Toyota gives our Technicians a good gauge on your car’s history and early warnings of any maintenance that may be on the cards.



Meet our dedicated concierge at the service drop-off zone to talk through the service process. If you want to wait while your car is serviced, relax in our lounge with free WIFI and coffee.

How often should you have your car serviced?

Most cars should get serviced about once a year, or every 15,000km, whichever occurs first under normal operating conditions. But if your car has clocked a lot of roadtime or is getting on in years, it's wise to get someone to look under the hood more often.

Service Plans

Toyotas are famously reliable, but it’s no secret that regular servicing extends a car’s life and maximises performance and safety. All cars need regular servicing to keep them in tip-top condition.

Toyota Service Plans are on hand for all NZ-new Toyotas first registered in New Zealand from 2005 onwards.

AdBlue Fuel Cap-960x416

Toyota and AdBlue®

Some new Toyota models will come with a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system which is an emissions control device that uses Diesel Exhaust Fluid (commonly called AdBlue®) to reduce nitrous dioxide emissions.

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Service Check Summary


  Petrol Engine (From MRP*) - $260 Diesel Engine (From MRP*) - $315
Drive belts inspection x x
Engine oil and filter replacement x x
Fuel tank cap, lines and connection inspection x x
Air filter element inspection x x
Air conditioning system operation inspection x x
Cabin air filter inspection x x
Cooling and heater system hoses inspection x x
Coolant, power steering, brake and clutch fluid levels inspection x x
Computer electronic health check including sensors, communication and diagnostic systems x x
Battery inspection x x
Brake inspection including; Brake pedal and parking brake, front and rear brake pads, discs and drums, all pipes and hoses. x x
Steering wheel, linkage, rack, rubber boots x x
Ball joint and dust cover x x
Propeller shaft grease and bolt tighten x x
Wheel bearing condition x x
Fluid Levels inspection for transmission and transfer case x x
Front and rear suspension components inspection x x
Tyre condition inspection including tyre pressure and wheel nut torque x x
Body and under body/chassis condition inspection x x
Valves (sensory) inspection x x
Drive shaft joints and boots inspection x x
Electrical equipment operation inspection including lights and windscreen wipers x x
Road test x x
Additions dependent on km and time: Brake and clutch fluid replacement, front and rear diff oil, fuel filter, transmission fluid, spark plugs (petrol only) transfer oil, coolant and timing belt. x x

Pricing and Schedules

You can see upfront how much a service will cost. It’s all laid out on our Service menu. Your Toyota store will chat to you about what repairs your car may need and the price you can expect to pay.