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Hey Toyota, is there really a wrong oil for my car?

Genuine motor oil will keep your car running at its best


There’s no better way to help keep your Toyota in top condition. Toyota Genuine motor oil has been developed and tested to help your engine perform and protect your engine. All our Toyota Genuine fluids and parts are available at your local Toyota store.



Genuine peace of mind

Beware of counterfeit parts are in circulation in our country, and motor oil is no different. They’re designed to look genuine with Toyota packaging, but there's no guarantee that quality or performance testing has been conducted according to Toyota's standards, or that they're made with legal materials.


How do I choose the right oil?

Look in your car’s manual to find the recommended oil weight. Otherwise, speak to our team at your local Toyota store.


What about genuine oil filters?

An oil filter is an underrated part of your car’s engine. It works like your liver, taking all the toxins, like dirt, so that only quality oil circulates.


Does genuine really matter?

We stand behind the quality of all our parts. Always ask for Toyota Genuine oil as it is constructed for New Zealand conditions and performance, designed to last service intervals specified for your car.

Treat your Toyota right


All our oils and filters have been designed specifically for your Toyota to maintain its integrity and keep it as genuine as the day it rolled off the factory floor. Your local Toyota store also offers a full range of Toyota Genuine Parts, allowing you to purchase exactly what you need.