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Flat Deck Utes Pros and Cons

Flat Deck Utes: Pros & Cons

Tradies and farmers love their flat deck utes for their ability to get the job done. These days, upgrades in technology, comfort and efficiency mean more people are choosing utes as family transporters too. Toyota builds tough, durable utes with 2WD and 4WD capabilities. So whether you need a flat deck ute for work or a weekend camping trip, we’ve got you covered.

What is a Flat Deck Ute?

Flat deck utes feature either a single, extra or double cab, and a flat deck tray, usually with removable sides. A flat deck is different from a wellside ute which has a factory installed moulded tray that cannot be removed, and access to the tray is only through the tailgate.

If you need something tougher than a car, but lighter and more fuel efficient than a truck, then a flat deck ute could be the right solution. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of Toyota flat deck utes.

Pros of a Flat Deck Ute

● Great vehicle for shifting any kind of goods, equipment or household contents. Simply load her up and strap it down.
● Ideal for moving sand, stones, soil or any material that can be tipped into the tray. Removable sides allow for easy loading.
● Good ground clearance for rough terrain or worksites, can handle off-road conditions.
● Dual cab allows room for carrying passengers so it can be used for family camping trips and weekend getaways with mates.
● Equipped with the latest technology for functionality and connectivity.
● Features Active Safety systems.

Cons of a Flat Deck Ute

● The open nature of a flat deck ute means that you need to have some kind of weather protection on hand for your goods, like a tarpaulin.
● If you’re carrying expensive equipment you’ll need to unload it and store it securely at your final destination. A lockable canopy is a practical accessory for a flat deck ute if you regularly carry gear and tools.

Is a Flat Deck Ute Best for You?

When considering a Toyota Hilux or Land Cruiser 70 there are a lot of factors to consider to decide which flat deck ute is best for you.

A flat deck ute is a big investment so you need to take into consideration your budget, your work requirements and your lifestyle. What kind of loads does it need to carry? Are you planning on driving it on road, off road, or a bit of both? Do you want a single, extra or double cab? Do you want a canopy?

Best to Build Your Own Ute

Toyota’s Build Your Own tool gives you the option to customise your flat deck ute. For instance, you may want less cab room and a longer tray. You can also choose your favourite colour, type of tray, and lots of exterior accessories.

We know a ute is more than just a mode of transport, and choosing the best vehicle for your needs isn’t always easy. Take your time and familiarise yourself with the different options and features you can get with each model. We’re always happy to have a chat to help you narrow down your choices so you can feel happy with your decision.