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COVID-19 Alert Level 3 Information

What does alert level 3 mean for your local Toyota Store?

Toyota remains committed to supporting the local communities that we operate in, so we are moving to contactless methods for servicing and selling vehicles during alert level 3.

We will stringently follow the Ministry of Health’s guidelines, to make sure our customers, and employees are safe during this time so our interactions with you will be different for a while.

Toyota Care

Our Toyota Stores are here to serve their local communities across the country with your vehicle purchasing and servicing needs. Our customer and staff safety is a priority to us, so here is what you can expect in your local Toyota store.


Contactless transactions

All our transactions under alert level 3 will be contactless to ensure the safety of you and us. We can offer all our normal services in a contactless way, including new vehicle sales, servicing and test drives. Please contact your local Toyota Store to chat through what will work for you.

Contact Your Local Store

Cleaning procedures

Rest assured when you take a car for a test drive, or drop one off for a service, all vehicles will be thoroughly sanitised after any contact with a Toyota team member or another member of the public. This means that it may take us a bit longer to prepare your car.


Contact tracing

For everyone’s safety, we will be collecting contact details from all visitors to our Toyota Stores and to ensure that we comply with contact tracing guidelines.

We will monitor the health of our team and only allow healthy employees to enter each store bubble. 


Social distancing

Team members will continue to maintain correct social distancing when they’re at work and ask that you do the same when visiting us. Mask wearing is also now mandatory for both staff and customers visiting our Stores to keep everyone safe. 

Level 3 Frequently Asked Questions

What does this mean for me as a customer of yours?

Under alert level 3, Toyota Stores will be open and able to support customers by following strict protocols to ensure the safety of both customers and staff during this time. Please contact your local Toyota Store to discuss the various options they have for you to get your new vehicle delivered or serviced.

Toyota New Zealand wants to work with all our customers to help them through any questions they have regarding how COVID-19 affects our service to them. In your communications with us please ensure the details of your situation are clear so we can assist you as best as possible.

Will I now have to wait longer to get my new Toyota vehicle

If you were due to receive your vehicle in the next month, then potentially yes, as under the government’s COVID-19 alert conditions all our Toyota Stores must interact in a contactless way with customers. We are working with your local Toyota Store around the best way to do this, and we will contact you as soon as your vehicle is ready to be delivered.

You will be contacted by your local Toyota Store, when they are able to do so, to confirm any further details on vehicle delivery. We ask for your patience at this time, as not all Stores will be able to open under alert level 3.

How does this affect your supply of vehicles into the country?

At this stage we are still ordering and arranging supply as freight ships are still able to enter the country. Domestic delivery may be delayed, and will resume fully at alert level 2. Your local Toyota Store is best placed to answer any questions about vehicle delivery timings. 

I want to test drive a new vehicle; how do I go about doing this?

Yes, this can be arranged with your local Toyota Store who can organise a test drive booking for you from alert Level 3. This will be arranged in an offsite unaccompanied way that suits you and completed in a contactless way.

I am currently paying my vehicle off through Toyota Finance – how do I get a break from my repayments due to financial hardship?

The best people to talk to about your current financial circumstances are the Toyota Financial Services team. They are still contactable during alert level 3 conditions, please email

Can I return my vehicle to the dealership as I can’t afford my finance repayments?

Unfortunately, in the interim as your local Toyota Store is closed for any on premise customers, we are unable to help with taking your vehicle back.

However, the best people to talk to about your financial circumstances are the Toyota Financial Services team. Their best contact details are In the first instance and this is the promptest service. 

I was booked in/due to get my vehicle serviced/ WOF done – what happens now?

Servicing is possible under COVID-19 alert level 3. All transactions will need to be contactless, so your local Toyota Store will contact you & outline their procedure on how this will proceed.

Please be rest assured that your local Toyota Store will contact you when they are able to rebook your vehicle service in or provide servicing for your vehicle in a contactless fashion.

If you are due to get your vehicle serviced during the COVID-19 alert level 3 please contact your local Toyota Store to make an appointment. Your Toyota Store will outline their procedure on how this will proceed in a contactless way.

If you are due to get your service done, and were are unable to do so under  alert level 4, please be reassured that this will have no adverse effect on your vehicle warranty, provided you have previously followed scheduled servicing to this point as required under your warranty.

If your vehicle is due or was booked to get a warrant of fitness, we will honour the WoF contract if it is unclaimed.

All vehicles will be sanitised before and after any servicing work including recalls, general servicing and WOF checks.

I have the Toyota Care Service Advantage on my vehicle, and now can’t get it serviced in line with the requirements – will this affect my Factory/Platinum warranty status?

If you are unable to get your scheduled servicing done under alert level 4 & 3 please be rest assured that we will honour this provided you get your service done as soon as possible after your local Toyota store reopens.

I was meant to get my recall work done on my vehicle – what happens now?

Your safety is of upmost priority to us, and your local Toyota store will be in contact when they are able to do your recall work. If concerned please contact your local Toyota Store to confirm and book an appointment to do this work.

I am waiting on parts for my vehicle from my local Toyota store – what happens now?

Your local Toyota Store will contact you when they reopen to arrange pick up or delivery of the vehicle parts you are waiting on.

I work for an essential service and my vehicle has broken down/needs an urgent repair – what can you do to help me?

If you work for an essential service as defined by the Ministry of Transport (for full list click here), then we are here to help you with your vehicle repair needs. Please contact your nearest Toyota store in the first instance and/or contact our customer support team.



Visit for the latest information about Covid-19