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Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Upgrade

Unlock the connectivity of your Toyota and stay connected on the go!

With this Toyota audio upgrade you can now access Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ features. This allows you to use certain device functions as you drive, but in a way that’ll let you stay focused on the road. Apps and controls appear on the vehicle’s audio display or can be accessed through your device’s voice-assistant.

Is my Toyota eligible to be upgraded to Apple CarPlay or Android Auto?

A select range of Toyotas can be upgraded.

Eligible Toyota Models: 

  • Corolla Hatchback (Production June-2018 to May-2020)
  • Corolla Sedan (Production Sep-2019 to March-2020)
  • Camry (Production Dec-2017 to July-2020)
  • Prius (Production Dec-2018 to June-2020)
  • Prius Prime (Production May-2019 to June-2020)
  • Hiace (Production Feb-2019 to May-2020)
  • RAV4 (Production Jan-2019 to Dec-2019)

If your vehicle model is not listed above, it is not eligible for this upgrade. For any further assistance, please contact your local Toyota Store. 

What does the audio upgrade involve?

You will need to book with your local Toyota store for this upgrade – it will take approximately an hour. This upgrade will include audio software update (may also require navigation map update), and in some cases hardware update. You are welcome to wait at the Toyota Store and enjoy a coffee and wi-fi while you wait, or drop the car off if it’s more convenient.

How much does it cost?

This audio upgrade's RRP is $420, including GST. This upgrade will include an audio software and navigation map update, and in some cases, a hardware update.

What is included in the audio upgrade kit?

  • Supplement owners manual
  • Universal charge and data cable
  • Hardware (if required).

How do I get this audio upgrade?

Contact your local Toyota store to and book today.

Contact Your Store


Apple CarPlay® & Android Auto™ Terms and Conditions

  1. ‘Apple’ and ‘CarPlay’ are trademarks of Apple Inc registered in the US and other countries.
  2. ‘Android Auto’ is a trademark of Google LLC.
  3. Compatibility and functionality vary depending on device.
  4. Requires compatible device, USB connection, mobile data, network reception and GPS signal.
  5. Mobile usage at user’s cost.
  6. Apps subject to change.


Please note that the Toyota App Suite (also known as SmartDeviceLink) are not available in New Zealand. Reference to its operations, availability of functions and phone compatibility are not displayed on our website ( as stated in supplied Navigation System and Supplement for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Owner’s Manuals.