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Toyota celebrates launch of new Emirates Team New Zealand boat Taihoro (Taihoro-Nukurangi)


There is little in the way of partnerships between a business and a sporting enterprise that surpasses, in terms of commitment and loyalty, the bond between Toyota New Zealand and Emirates Team New Zealand.

The two ‘teams’ have been joined at the hip for three decades and last nights boat launch for the 37th America’s Cup is yet another milestone in this long-term partnership.

In a stirring ceremony, Iwi manaaki Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei gifted and blessed the name ‘Taihoro’ on the boat that Emirates Team New Zealand will sail in their defence of the 37th America’s Cup. The launch event took place at the Team's base in Auckland’s Wynyard Point, witnessed by friends, family, Toyota New Zealand, other Sponsors, and Suppliers. 

Marama Royal, Chair of the Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei Trust, elaborated on the profound meaning behind the name ‘Taihoro’ which was inspired from Taihoro-Nukurangi, and translates to “To move swiftly as the sea between both sky and earth.” She explained, “Taihoro-Nukurangi captures the dynamic essence of the sea (Tai), the concept of speed (Horo), the earth's movement (Nuku), and the expanse of the sky (Rangi).”

'Taihoro' symbolises the boat’s evolutionary journey. It represents a transcendence of traditional boundaries, creating a connection between the sea and sky. This vessel is more than a mere craft; it harnesses the power of nature, seamlessly transitioning between realms. 'Taihoro' is not just traversing the ocean; it bridges the gap between sea and sky in its quest for victory.”

'Taihoro' was proudly christened by Former New Zealand Prime Minister and Emirates Team New Zealand Patron Helen Clark. 'Taihoro' encompasses all of the design, innovation and build work by the entire Team over the past three years.

Among all of the close friends of the Team at the naming ceremony was Toyota New Zealand Chief Executive Neeraj Lala who was seeing ‘Taihoro’ for the very first time.

"As Emirates Team New Zealand prepares to compete in Barcelona, we stand proudly behind the team, knowing they carry not just our brand, but the support of New Zealanders nationwide,” he says.

“We wish the team every success as they strive to retain the Cup, marking a milestone of over 30 years partnership with Toyota New Zealand. We're excited to continue our collaboration with Emirates Team New Zealand for the 37th America's Cup. This longstanding relationship underscores our shared commitment to innovation and sustainability, exemplified by our joint efforts in developing hydrogen-powered chase boats.”

Geoff Senior, Emirates Team New Zealand’s Head of Construction has overseen the build of the boat which started over 10 months ago in the purpose-built Emirates Team New Zealand boat building yard with 45 boat builders working throughout, totalling over 85,000 hours to complete.

'Taihoro' was transported weeks ago to the Emirates Team New Zealand base under the cover of darkness and has since been subject to a comprehensive fit out by the technical hydraulic, mechatronic, electronic and shore crew teams custom fitting the thousands of components and systems ready to hand over to the sailing team to begin its commissioning and sea trials which have been undertaken on Auckland harbour over the past week.

“These moments are always especially proud occasions for everyone in the team.” said Emirates Team New Zealand CEO Grant Dalton.

“So much of what the team does has to be kept secret from friends and family for obvious reasons and the work involves a huge amount of dedication, commitment, and time. So, it is always special to share the result of that effort with them at our home base naming and presenting 'Taihoro' in partnership with Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei who again have given our boat a really special and meaningful identity. This is the boat which we will take to Barcelona to defend the Americas’ Cup for New Zealand later this year and the name 'Taihoro' helps us to carry our identity to Barcelona and to share our country’s innovation and culture on the world stage.”

Skipper Peter Burling has been at the helm as 'Taihoro' has been commissioned over the past week having been rolled out of the shed on Friday last week.

“This is a really exciting time, as the different America’s Cup teams have been rolling out of their sheds. Obviously there is a lot of interest in what each other’s boats look like, but our 100% focus is on 'Taihoro' and working through our ongoing development program getting it up to speed.”