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Toyota New Zealand joins steering committee on climate action


Toyota New Zealand Chief Executive Officer, Neeraj Lala, has been elected to the Steering Committee of the Climate Leaders Coalition (CLC), and confirmed Toyota’s commitment to the group’s new Statement of Ambition released today.

Mr Lala said as one of the twelve founding members of the CLC, Toyota New Zealand was fully committed to greenhouse gas emission reduction targets and to public reporting on its progress to meeting those targets.

“As a founding member we take our election to the Steering Committee seriously,” he says. “I am honoured to build on the legacy of my predecessors and bring some further energy into ensuring this important work continues.”

“This is important to Toyota as we continue down the pathway, we have been on for many years towards net zero emissions. Our journey to a low carbon future continues to gather momentum as we ensure that we are part of important cross industry groups such as the CLC.”

Joining the Steering Committee of the CLC was an important step for Mr Lala, who believes the automotive industry needs to take a stronger leadership role in the transition to a net zero carbon future.

“At Toyota we are fully committed to reducing emissions from our operations and our vehicle portfolio. We are equally committed to ensuring the transition to low or zero carbon transport options is affordable, accessible, and sustainable,” he says.

Toyota’s average new vehicle fleet carbon emissions have fallen from over 185g CO2/km to just over 160g CO2/km in just five years. This has been achieved by a combination of increasing electrified options for customers and producing greater efficiency in traditional internal-combustion-engine vehicles.

For Toyota models it forecasts a further reduction in emissions to below 160g CO2/km by the end of the 2022 financial year.

Toyota New Zealand also previously stated its intent to ensure that the product stewardship, including taking a circular economy approach was part of its climate change strategies moving forward.

Mr Lala says Toyota is committed to reducing its impact on the environment while increasing the positive contribution to the local communities it operates in across New Zealand.

"Our corporate goals are focused on being carbon neutral by 2050 and our product stewardship here in New Zealand across all areas of our business and supply chain,” says Mr Lala.  

“We need to innovate and look at out-of-the box solutions in order to achieve a holistic, circular economy approach to our supply chain.”

Toyota New Zealand will be working with other CLC members to plan for a just or equitable transition that avoids leaving New Zealanders behind, while proactively encourages and supports other stakeholders, including suppliers and associated businesses, to act on climate change and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

The CLC’s Statement of Ambition has been updated to reflect advances in international and domestic climate policy and science. It replaces a previous statement, drafted, and approved by CLC members in 2019.