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Toyota GR Supra more than a pure sportscar


With a 50/50 weight distribution, a twin-scroll turbocharged 3.0 litre inline six-cylinder engine that knocks out 0-100km/h in 4.3 seconds, teamed with high performance brakes and adaptive variable suspension, the new Toyota GR Supra (GAZOO Racing) is fun on wheels.

The new Toyota GR Supra follows a rich and storied history of Toyota’s development of exciting and affordable sports cars, starting in 1962 with the Sports 800 (aka the Yota-Hachi), the Celicas and Supras of the 1970s and 80s, through to the Toyota 86 and now the new Toyota GR Supra.

“Supra is more than a genuine sports car. It’s a symbol of the dramatic change the automotive industry will experience over the next decade, where the focus will shift to automotive and technology company partnerships,” says Neeraj Lala, Toyota NZ Chief Operating Officer.

“With the priority of launching alternative fuel technology, launching a pure sports car is a significant milestone.”

“Toyota has always provided a balanced range of motor vehicles for our customers, and the Supra is another exciting addition,” says Mr Lala.

“The Toyota GR Supra has a heart and soul that comes from five decades of creating hugely enjoyable sports cars for everyday drivers.”

“The Toyota GR Supra comes from a heritage of rear-wheel drive, high performing Toyota sports cars. Toyota GAZOO Racing’s involvement in the development and the track testing of the Toyota GR Supra has resulted in a car with superb balance and handling.”

“The motoring industry talks about the ‘golden ratio’ – the wheelbase-to-track ratio. The ideal ratio is between 1.5:1 and 1.6:1. The Toyota GR Supra’s relatively short wheelbase means it has a ratio of 1.55:1, for immaculate agility and handling.”


Styling to match performance

Dubbed “Condensed Extreme” the design style emphasises the short wheelbase, and with a long bonnet hosting the inline six-cylinder engine, high rear haunches and integrated spoiler tail, the Toyota GR Supra coupe exudes high performance rear-wheel drive sports car. It is a true two-seater, that is at home in town, on the open road or on the track.

The distinctive double bubble roof adds space inside while reducing aerodynamic drag on the outside. It is DNA that was sourced directly from the legendary 2000 GT Supra.

Design features on the body are done in grand sweeps with gaping air intakes in the front and slashes into the side body replicating this same design detail. While some of the intakes are covered on the production model, Supra’s Chief Engineer Tetsuya Tada expects tuners to make use of them for further turbo and brake cooling on the racetrack.

The Toyota GR Supra has plenty of rubber to keep it firmly planted on the road. It features 19-inch polished silver and black forged alloy wheels. The Supra has 255/35ZR19’s tyres for the front and 275/35ZR19 rear Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyres.

A wide colour choice will also be available to New Zealand buyers – from a cool Sub Zero White to a hot Renaissance Red and Nitro Yellow. In between are a selection of silver, grey, black and blue.


Balanced performance

As a thoroughbred sports car, the Toyota Supra built a reputation both as a formidable performer on the road and as an all-conquering machine on the racetrack, dominating Japan's top-level GT racing series.

The development of the new Toyota GR Supra is true to the belief of Kiichiro Toyoda, founder of Toyota, that participation in motorsport provides the challenges of performance and durability that can directly help develop better cars, while at the same time generating interest and excitement. Toyota GAZOO Racing, which has found success at the highest levels of motorsport, was closely involved in the testing and fine tuning of the new Toyota GR Supra.

The Supra has a minimum kerb weight of only 1,495kg, with the 250kW inline six, running through a fast changing 8-speed automatic transmission. Maximum torque is 500 Nm which starts at an impressively low 1,600 RPM.

“As the halo model for Toyota sports cars, Supra points to a new generation of driver-focused cars that will offer dynamic styling and faithful handling, even at the limits of performance,” Mr Lala says.

A feature of the Toyota GR Supra is the driver’s ability to move between normal and sports mode that adjusts the steering, transmission shift pattern, engine sound, active differential performance, adaptive dampers and engine response.

While there is no manual transmission available, the automatic transmission with large steering wheel-mounted paddles means the driver can take control of the gear changes.

The Adaptive Variable Suspension system enhances performance with instant response to changes in the road surface, adjusting the shock absorber force at each wheel to maintain a flat vehicle posture, excellent steering response and supple ride comfort.

Chief Engineer Tetsuya Tada, who headed the Supra’s development, said, “We set out to create a pure sports car that would attain the ultimate in driving fun. Rather than only working towards specs such as horsepower and lap times, we emphasised sensitivity performance, such as the degree to which driving could be felt to be fun, with the car and driver becoming one.”

Using composites and aluminium, efforts were made to lower the centre of gravity, resulting in a lower centre of gravity than that of the 86 which features a horizontally-opposed engine.

Other standard items include an Active Differential, Variable Ratio Steering, Active Sound Control and a performance brake package with red callipers. The Toyota GR Supra has a comprehensive list of safety features including Front Collision Warning with Brake function, Attentiveness Assistant, Lane Departure Warning with Steering Intervention, Blind Spot Monitor, Rear Cross Traffic Alert and Speed Limit Info.


Room for two

The interior of the GR Supra features Leather and Alcantara accented sports seats that have four-way power lumbar adjustment and heaters. There is plenty of bolstering and support for driver and passenger having fun on a mountain road or on the track.

For commuting or long road trips, a 12-speaker premium JBL sound system, 20GB internal music storage and Satellite Navigation is accessed via an 8.8 inch touchscreen. A colour head-up display shows the car’s speed, speed limit for the road ahead and navigational directions.


Rediscovered passion for sportscars

Toyota’s President Akio Toyoda is a master driver who took personal interest in the development of the Supra. He has stated clearly that he wants Toyota to put the excitement back into its cars. From the ever-popular Corolla to the Toyota GR Supra, Toyota cars are fun to drive, again.

 “The performance credentials of the GR Supra will ultimately flow into our regular product models, enhancing Toyota’s DNA as a company committed to bringing the excitement of driving to everyone,” Mr Lala said.


Priced for Supra fans

The Toyota GR Supra has been priced with Supra fans in mind. “Our pricing reflects our commitment to make Supra accessible to the fans,” says Mr Lala.

“Customers who have placed their orders are already thinking about tuning and accessories to customise their cars.”

The fifth generation Toyota GR Supra has a Toyota Driveaway Price of $99,990.00.

The Toyota Drive-away pricing includes all on road costs; WOF, registration, a full tank of fuel, the Toyota Care Service Advantage fixed price servicing package, floor mats, and the three years or 100,000 kms warranty.