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Peace of Mind - by Kellie Gillibrand


Over the centuries people have joined together and cooperated to reduce the risk of events such as fire, accident and theft. Living in groups reduced the risk of attack by wild animals or other people and increased the amount of food that people could gather or hunt.

Similarly, people today buy insurance by paying money into a pool to replace or repair damaged or stolen cars or belongings, to rebuild houses or to help them recover from an accident.

Insurance is ‘pooling’ the money of many to support those who have money in the ‘pool’ and are unfortunate enough to have suffered a loss. Insurance plays an important part in people’s lives by taking away the worry and helping the whole community. It gives peace of mind, allowing people to get on with their lives.


In 2001 Toyota Financial Services commenced selling Toyota Insurance via broker Heath Lambert. In 2004 Marsh bought out Heath Lambert and, shortly after, the decision was made to move away from the brokerage model and establish a fully owned subsidiary of Aioi Japan to take over the role of New Zealand agent.
The New Zealand branch of Aioi Insurance Co. Ltd was registered in May 2009, and in January 2012 the branch was granted a provisional licence by the New Zealand Government and a full licence was granted in March 2013.

Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Co. Ltd has a financial strength rating of A+ (Stable) given by A.M. Best company and A+ (Strong) given by Standard & Poor’s.


We know that customers are no longer happy simply to consume. They push, they pull and their expectations of service are at the highest they have been in decades. Understanding our customers’ experiences throughout their journeys with us provides us with an opportunity to identify any pain points and gives us knowledge of what customers want so that we can adapt and adopt processes and policies to meet their needs. Each customer is not a number; they are a life partner.


Life has a way of doing that – it can take a financial toll.

It may be a grudge purchase, but obtaining vehicle insurance is as essential as owning the car itself. You may, like me, be totally convinced that you are a perfect driver. However, the unpredictability of maniacs and the condition of our roads mean car insurance is necessary.

This is where we can help you, with our bells-and-whistles, comprehensive motor vehicle insurance. This is the highest form of cover and will give you the greatest peace of mind. However, we don’t stop there. We understand that many businesses own a number of cars they rely on each day. We offer a Fleet Insurance policy specifically designed so that the vehicles can be under one policy. This policy type is a better fit and is easier to manage than having numerous policies for individual vehicles.

Providing peace of mind, so that you can make your Toyota Finance repayments without your salary being affected.

It is important to make the most of life, but we understand that things may not always go to plan. Everyone’s circumstances are different, so Toyota has Payment Protection options designed to best meet your needs.


On March 1 2018 Gael Knight, former Toyota Vehicle Insurance CEO, stood down to enjoy her retirement. We understand the importance of a great CEO to a growing company. Following an extensive search, Simone Labady was appointed as the new CEO on April 23. The Board was impressed with her mix of commercial expertise and deep operational experience. We are confident she is the right person to lead Toyota Vehicle Insurance forward.

Simone has worked for a number of Australia’s largest motor vehicle insurers, including CGU Insurance, AAMI and the Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia. Simone brings with her an amazing amount of experience, including leading a number of complex projects during her career and providing outstanding leadership.

“The industry is always changing, whether that be through legislation, new competitors or new technologies, which means that we can look for ways to improve our business. I am keen on new technologies that help us to do things more quickly and improve our business even more.

The customer is the backbone to our success and I know that the decisions we make daily keep them coming back time and time again.”

• Simone Labady was born an Aussie, however is quickly becoming a Kiwi with her love of New Zealand, especially the All Blacks
• She loves listening to music, going to art galleries and eating delicious foods