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True Believers - Our dealers believe in making a difference


Toyota Believe is more than our advertising slogan, it’s actually the core values that we believe in and practise on a daily basis. We are proud of the many activities in which everyday New Zealanders are involved that inspire us along the way.

Within Toyota’s dealer network in New Zealand, Believe values underpin all that we do. We have some real examples of how Believe is part of the genetic make-up of our franchise dealers. When it comes to making a difference in the environment, the team at Bowater Motor Group are keen supporters. 

They are focused on the impacts the business has and have approved environmental policies in place to make sure they actively manage any and all risk factors.

Bowater Toyota supports local, environmentally based community groups to do their much needed work. Every year a team of environmental champions at Bowater Toyota select and present funds to these groups.

Every branch of Bowater Toyota has a vehicle battery recycling station set up in the reception area of the service departments.

Customers are encouraged to drop off any old, unused or damaged vehicle batteries and the team will arrange for them to be recycled. 

Batteries contain heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium and nickel, which can contaminate the environment if they are incorrectly disposed of. Lead and automobile batteries contain 60-70 percent of lead and plastic, with 99% recyclable.

Any kind of vehicle battery is accepted; car, motorcycle or truck - they can all be saved from harming the local environment by being sent for recycling.

The recycling company pays Bowater Toyota for the batteries as they are collected, with 100% of the money going into a separate Bowater Toyota ECO FUND, which is then distributed to local, environmentally-focused charities. 

Bowater Toyota believes a better tomorrow starts today!

In Dunedin, Cooke Howlison Toyota believes in trying to make a difference and has been working closely with Orokonui Eco sanctuary for some time now, including giving it a Hilux and helping out with servicing.

The Orokonui Eco sanctuary has become the only place in the South Island where native birds, animals and insects can live safe from predators. They are free to fly, feed, mate and nest wherever they wish, exactly as they would in the wild.

Since a $2.2 million, 8.7 kilometre pest-proof fence was erected around the 307 hectares of protected habitat in 2007, pests have been almost entirely eradicated. This has allowed the eco sanctuary to reintroduce a number of endangered species, with encouraging signs that they are adapting well to their new home. In fact, it is becoming increasingly common for native birds to find their own way to the eco sanctuary and take up residence.

As result of Cooke Howlison’s involvement Chief Executive Officer Adrienne Ensor and CRM administrator, Pip Wingfield were invited to help out with a kiwi health check-up, with the kiwi gaining 200 grams in two weeks! 

Additionally, Cooke Howlison Toyota has been working with the Otago Community Hospice, not only through the provision of vehicles, but also through practical support.

A number of dealership staff took time away from work to participate in the annual hospice collection. They were from all levels of the dealership, from management to technicians to the sales team, with a number of staff keen to take up the chance to donate time and money to the appeal.

In June this year during the Dunedin floods one of the local hospice shops was devastated by severe flooding. The basement storage area under the shop was completely flooded, resulting in the loss of all of its stock. Cooke Howlison staff Chelsea Cain and Josh Kelly were given time off work to go and assist the hospice with the removal of damaged goods, which took hours and resulted in thousands of dollars in lost revenue for the hospice and three huge truckloads of material going to landfill.

Additionally, as part of its ongoing support and partnership, Cooke Howlison Toyota donated six GPS units to the hospice and gave a demonstration on how these units were to be installed and used. These GPS units are beneficial navigational tools for the community care co-ordinators from the hospice who visit people across the region.

Mothers and children arriving at Te Whare Pounamu Dunedin Women’s Refuge with little more than the clothes they have on their back have something small to smile about.During the month of April Cooke Howlison Toyota ran a Toy Drive in support of the refuge which saw its Toyota Corolla filled with 147 toys, games, books and art supplies was the mascot and via social media people were invited to bring toys to keep Alloroc company in the back of the Corolla, which was set up in the dealership showroom. 

Most of the soft toys went to the safe house where children could take one and keep it as a ‘buddy’. They were also used to fill the childrens room at the Tamariki Programme and for birthday presents. Others may also be used as gifts for birthdays or Christmas events hosted by Women’s Refuge, or as evacuation buddies or ice breakers when new children are brought to the facility. The books and art supplies are kept at the refuge for things like creative therapy and quiet bonding time between children and whanau.

A local preschool brought a van load of children to donate art supplies and books from their preschool centre, with Cooke Howlison in turn thanking them by taking them for morning tea.  That prompted a second wave of donations when their parents saw pictures on Facebook resulting in another box full of toys.

Cooke Howlison Toyota partnered with local Ironic Cafè and Bar which generously donated, vouchers for free hot beverages as a thank you gift, and providing morning tea for the preschool group and over $100 dollars’ worth of toys from money received through cafè tips.  Once again – Cooke Howlison believes in going the extra mile!


Source: Believe Magazine - Issue 12 2015